WORX WG743 Review: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

The WORX WG743 40V 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is small in size but great in value. It has all the features you need for a well-cut lawn at an affordable price.

WORX WG743 breakdown and review

Our pick for the best yet affordable cordless lawn mower is the WORX WG743. As you can expect from WORX, this battery-powered mower is built to perfection. The WORX WG743 has all the features and power of a traditional lawn mower without emissions or noise. It is lightweight, powerful, and has sufficient cut area per charge — all the things you want in a cordless lawn mower.

The WORX WG743 uses two 20V batteries simultaneously for twice the power and runtime. In addition, the patented Intellicut® technology allows you to adjust the power according to the thickness of the grass. The WORX WG743 is started with the push of a key, so nobody gets hurt or goes through the hassle of pulling start cords. Not only that, but this lightweight lawn mower also comes with a five-year warranty.

Read on to find out an in-depth review of the WORX WG743 and its features.

 What we liked

  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Collapsible handles
  • Cut-to-the-edge design
  • Affordable price
  • You can adjust the power according to the grass thickness
  • 20V 4.0Ah batteries that can be used with other WORX 20V products

What we did not like

  • Lack of side discharge
  • Can’t operate with one battery at a time

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WORX WG743 specifications

 Voltage / Amp hoursDeck width (inches) Cutting width (inches)Cutting height (inches)Cutting area per chargeMachine weightSide discharge? Grass bag capacity Check on Amazon
40V (2x20V) / 4Ah17”16” 1.5” – 4”5500 sq ft38.1 lbs.No1.1 BushelsCheck price here

WORX WG743 features


The WORX WG743 is built with a plastic deck type that has a width of 17 inches. Furthermore, you can collapse the handles to store this compact lawn mower in the tightest storage spaces. While there are no side discharges, the mower has an easily mountable 2-in-1 function as a mulch or bag that can store up to 1.1 bushels of grass. As it weighs at only 38.1 lbs., the WORX WG743 makes lawn mowing effortless and trouble-free.

Dual 20V 4.0Ah lithium batteries

The WORX WG743 is a battery-powered lawn mower that uses two 20V batteries that can be used for other WORX 20V products. Moreover, you can cut up to 1/8 acres or 5500 sq ft on a single charge. While you can’t operate with only one battery at a time, it takes merely two hours to fully charge both batteries. So, you can save money while protecting the environment with this emission-less electric lawn mower.

Torque on demand

You can choose to dial either Turbo or Eco mode depending on the density of the grass you are mowing. The patented Intellicut® technology allows you to dial up to Turbo mode to add more torque when encountering denser grass. Then, you can switch back to Eco mode anytime to conserve energy.

Adjustable cutting height with cut-to-the-edge design

With the WORX cut-to-the-edge design, the blades are placed closer to the edge to cut alongside fences or other lawn obstacles cleanly. Furthermore, you can adjust the cutting height according to your preference from 1.5 inches to 4.0 inches. Also, there are 7 positions available with its single-level height adjustment feature.

Two-in-one Bag and mulch functionality

While the WORX WG743 does not side discharge, it is built with a two-in-one mulching and bag function. The grass bag is easily mounted and can collect up to 1.1 bushels of grass. Likewise, you can switch to the mulching mode by inserting the mulching plug. The grass will be cut into smaller pieces during mulching mode and distributed back out where they will biodegrade and provide valuable nutrients to your lawn.

Battery and grass bag indicators

No more running out of battery halfway through mowing your lawn. With a press of the “POWERTEST” button on the machine, you can check the battery capacity before you begin any mowing. Also, the battery indicator will automatically display the battery level during operation. The grass bag also comes with a filling indicator to tell you if the bag is full or not. Do note that you must stop the mower and remove the safety key first before removing the grass bag.

Who is it best suited for?

We recommend the WORX WG743 if you are looking for a powerful, affordable, lightweight, compact, battery-powered lawn mower. Not only that, but the 16-inch cutting width that cuts up to 1/8 acres per charge is more than enough for smaller lawns. We also recommend it if you are a fan of WORX because the 20V batteries are compatible with their other 20V products.

Are there any alternatives to the WORX WG743?

While the WORX WG743 is our pick, there are alternatives to other battery-powered lawn mowers. For instance, the Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch, Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 61940s 19-Inch 40V, and the AchiForce 40V 13-Inch.

Features of alternative lawn mowers

NameVoltage / Amp-hoursCutting width (inches)Cutting height (inches)Cutting area per chargeMachine weightCheck on Amazon
Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch40V / 4Ah16”1.25” – 3.375″4,305 sq ft37.5 lbs.Check price here
Scotts Outdoor Power tools 61940s 19-Inch 40V40V / 5Ah19”1.5” – 3.75”5,000 sq ft61.3 lbs.Check price here
AchiForce 40V 13-Inch40V(2x20V) / 4Ah13”0.98” – 2.56”10,890 sq ft27 lbs.Check price here

Verdict: So should you buy the WORX WG743?

Absolutely. In summary, the WORX WG743 is the most powerful, lightweight, battery-powered lawn mower in the market right now. Its compact size and collapsible handles allow you to store it in tight spaces. Also, the light weight of this cordless lawn mower makes it easy to be pushed. Additionally, the price point is very affordable, and you can use the 20V batteries interchangeably with other WORX 20V products. From zero emissions to near-soundless mowing, you will have peace of mind when you invest in the WORX WG743.


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