What is the Best Paint for Aluminum Siding?

What considers as the best paint for aluminum siding depends on several factors.

You should follow three processes when painting aluminum so that the paint doesn’t easily stick on the metal. They are cleaning, sanding, and priming. You should also invest in suitable paints for your aluminum siding to last longer and look better. 

The initial process of getting aluminum ready for painting is hectic and can be made worse if you don’t get the right paint for the final process. Some paints require you to apply a couple of coats before they can achieve an excellent cosmetic finish while only need one coat. Some paints also take longer to dry and, in the process, attract particles of dust, among other debris brought about by the wind.

So, naturally, most homeowners will want a paint for aluminum siding that doesn’t require so many coats to achieve a good finish and one that dries quickly. We have, therefore, taken the liberty to scout the markets for the best paint for aluminum siding, and we have shared our results below.

Best Paint for Aluminum Siding – Comparison Table

Best Paint for Aluminum Siding Color Check on Amazon
Rust-OleumSilverCheck Price
Vinyl Renu® 1 Gallon Siding RestorerClearCheck Price
Rust-Oleum Zinsser PermaWhite Exterior SatinWhiteCheck Price
The ONE Paint Paint and PrimerCreamCheck Price
Vinyl Renu 2 Gallon Siding Restoration KitGreenCheck Price
Rust-Oleum Painter's TouchFlat whiteCheck Price


This is one of the best paint for aluminum siding because of its matching color and other features.

Rust-Oleum is an oil-based paint formulated to offer a durable protective coating that will discourage the development of rust. If you opt to use this paint on your aluminum siding, you won’t need to do any priming, but you must apply at least two coats for the perfect finish. The 964 liters can cover up to 100sq ft. Once applied, you will have to wait for 4 hours before you can touch it.

Rust-Oleum packs a couple of beneficial properties. For one, it offers excellent corrosion resistance. So, once applied, you can be sure that your aluminum siding will retain its structural integrity. The paint has some superb abrasion resistance. It rarely chips, neither does it fade, meaning that it will not succumb to harsh climates. You can use this versatile paint on different surfaces such as masonry and wood. You can also use it to hide flaws and imperfections.


  • You can use paint without priming
  • Shields the metal against effects of harsh weather
  • The paint is in silver color, matches the aluminum
  • Hides surface imperfections


  • The consistency is thick and sticky
  • Produces harmful fumes


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Vinyl Renu® 1 Gallon Siding Restorer

The Vinyl Renu 2 is one of the best paint for aluminum siding thanks to its lack of fumes.

The one major advantage of using Vinyl Renu is that it will match any surface that you wish to restore because it is clear. Vinyl Renu will bring back to life the original color and shine of all surface types, including aluminum siding. The formulation will offer protection to your siding for a maximum of ten years by shielding it from UV rays and oxidation agents.

In addition, the Vinyl Renu comes with a separate concentrated cleaner that you can use first to get rid of the ugly stains, dirt, and oxidation on your metal siding. The cleaning process is restorative, and the metal siding will project its original color before painting. The protective finish is also eco-friendly because it is made with powerful water-based ingredients that reverse age and UV damage.


  • Does not have harmful fumes
  • Application is easy
  • Reverses oxidation
  • Brings back the color of metal


  • Leaves behind a white residue
  • Cannot suffice for two coats


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Rust-Oleum Zinsser PermaWhite Exterior Satin

Perma white is mold and mildew proof, thus perfect for use on aluminum siding given that it has to contend with varied environment temperatures and agents. Rust-Oleum Zinsser has been formulated for exterior use, and the 31.5 FL. Oz will cover up to 100 square feet. It is a self-priming formula; thus no need for sanding. Once applied, the semi-gloss finish can be cleaned with soap and water, allowing it to resist dirt and water effectively.

Perma white has set the standards high for its competitors by incorporating mildewcide in its formulation, which helps prevent mold growth and mildew on the paint film.


  • The paint is fade resistant
  • It is resistant to dirt and moisture
  • Will shield the aluminum siding from mold and mildew
  • Homeowners don’t need to prime the aluminum siding before painting


  • The paint has a thin consistency
  • It chips off


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The ONE Paint Paint and Primer

The One Paint Paint and primer have been formulated for exterior use, so this will be perfect for your aluminum siding. One layer has a short cure time of 2 hours as compared to other paints. Besides, you only need to apply one coat for the aluminum siding to be sufficiently covered. The paint type is watercolor which will give you the unique matte finish.

The paint is low on VOC, can be used indoors, and comes in 12 different colors that offer varied finishes, such as satin and gloss. One paint and primer can be cleaned after installation and will effectively resist dirt and grime.


  • The paint is versatile
  • One coat allows for a superior finish
  • The paint is available in rich pigments
  • Painting does not need priming


  • The paint doesn’t self-level
  • It is expensive


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Valspar Latex Paint

Valspar Barn requires you to prime the metal before use. The paint comes in a 5-gallon container, making it a good option for commercial use. The paint is highly versatile and can be used on varied exterior surfaces. You can therefore use it on weathered steel, aluminum siding, masonry, and wood. You can expect the oil paint type to produce fumes. So if you are using it indoors, you should ensure sufficient ventilation to avoid inhaling the fumes.

Application is easy and smooth because the paint formulation enables the right consistency. Once applied, the paint dries to a tough and durable finish. The white Valspar Barn paint will retain its color over and effectively resist the effects of the climatic conditions.


  • The paint offers a nice coverage
  • The paint is resistant to fade
  • Can be used on other surfaces
  • It retains its color


  • The paint flakes off
  • Requires thinning before use


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Vinyl Renu 2 Gallon Siding Restoration Kit

Vinyl Renu 2 gallon is a watercolor type of paint and will easily restore your aluminum siding to its color. Also, the formulation penetrates the siding to bring out its original color. The application process is pretty straightforward. You will first have to clean the siding, properly prime it, then apply the Vinyl Renu.

The paint is versatile and will work on your siding among other exterior surfaces, including your mailbox and garage doors. Not only that, but the paint also comes with stain block technology that effectively gets rid of ugly stains. The formulation also enables it to resist fading and oxidation.


  • The paint lasts a whopping ten years
  • Will clean and restore your outdoor vinyl siding
  • Resists ugly mold and mildew stains


  • Cannot get rid of the tough oxidation spots
  • Puts a sheen n the material instead of restoring the color


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Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch

Rust-Oleum can suffice for indoor and outdoor projects and is versatile for use on different surfaces ranging from unglazed ceramic, wood, plaster, and metal. The water-based paint has a low odor, comes in a 946ml container, and will cover up to 120 sq ft. The cure time is 30 minutes, and you can be sure that it will resist chips and offer long-lasting protection.

You should note that the surfaces you want to paint must be sanded and washed with a degreaser.


  • The paint dries up quickly
  • The paint is low on odor
  • Offers durable protection
  • The paint is resistant to chipping


  • The paint is semi-glossy instead of flat
  • Peels when used on walls


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Factors to consider when applying paint on aluminum siding

Clean the aluminum siding

The first step as you prepare to apply paint to aluminum siding is cleaning. You must clean aluminum siding with a cleaning agent to eliminate chalking, residue, and dirt. Some cleaning agents are not environment friendly and will destroy your plants. So, it would be best if you covered them first. Also, you should put on appropriate protective attire before cleaning and painting aluminum siding.

Prime the aluminum siding

Priming contributes to the overall finish, so priming is needed if your aluminum siding has been exposed. A faded siding does not require priming, but if the siding aluminum is peeling, you will begin with sanding, followed by cleaning, priming, and painting.

Painting your aluminum siding

A roller and a brush are not very convenient for this kind of project. We, therefore, propose that you use an airless sprayer on your aluminum siding. Ensure to cover the windows using the masking machine. You should also cover your plants if there are any nearby. Also, mask your soffits if you will not be painting them.

Begin spraying from the top and slowly work your way to the bottom. You should also use a small sprayer tip for easy control and maneuverability. Beginning from the top and slowly progressing to the bottom ensures that you get an even finish. Be sure to reduce the pressure of the sprayer and apply at least two coats for a durable and attractive finish.

Factors to consider before buying aluminum siding paint

Fumes and levels of toxicity – Oil paints have a strong smell. Some contain a mix of poisonous hydrocarbons and have high levels of volatile organic compounds. The above chemicals can lead to health issues, the reason you must always check for the presence of VOC in the paint that you are going to use and whether they are within the safe levels. If not, then you should use protective clothing.

Exterior and Interior paints – There are two types of paints: those formulated for use outside and those you can only use inside. Exterior paints are flexible, tough, and can resist peeling and crumbling. They are also water-resistant, and most of them contain fungicides and pesticides.

On the other hand, interior paints have been formulated to withstand abrasion, are stain-resistant, and can easily cure without sunlight exposure. Their formulation does not contain fungicides and pesticides. So as you get your aluminum siding paint, ensure that you have read the label to determine whether it is for exterior or interior use.

Color compatibility – Ideally, you should match the existing paint on the aluminum siding. Better yet, you could use a clear type of paint. Most people love to use exterior latex paint, which you are also recommended to use with metal.

Paint correctly – You must follow the initial preparation stages of aluminum siding. Depending on the nature of the siding, some might need sanding or not. Cleaning is a must, followed by priming. This process ensures that the aluminum siding is sealed and prevents the chalky oxidation from going on under the paint.


How long does aluminum siding paint last?

Aluminum siding paint can last 5 or 10 years.

What is the cost of having aluminum siding painted?

Homeowners have reported spending up to $5,730 for a 2,500 square foot home. However, the cost might go higher or lower depending on the condition of the aluminum siding, the paint prices, and the quality of paint that you want to be used.


The best paint for aluminum siding is one that has low levels of VOCs or has obliterated the use of harmful chemicals in its formulation. Aluminum siding painting is a professional’s job, as much as it is a DIY. So if you plan on doing it yourself over the weekend, ensure that you get exterior paint, the right tools, and protective wear. The paint color should match the aluminum siding, and use a paint sprayer instead of a brush and roll if you want to finish the job fast.

Written by Jason Beischel

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May 14, 2021

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