Moen 7594esrs Review – Stylish and Easy to Install

Have you been thinking of changing your kitchen faucet but have not yet found the right model? You should consider the Moen 7594esr Arbor Motionsense. This is a stylish and high functional kitchen faucet that can help you enjoy using both cold and hot water.

I never paid much attention to my kitchen faucet until the day that it suddenly stopped working. This was quite frustrating since I had just hosted a party the previous day, and I had so many dishes to clean. The ordeal made me realize that I needed a new kitchen faucet. During my research, I came across the Moen 7594esrs Arbor MotionSense and was impressed by its features. Since I invested in this faucet, it has never let me down. It has made me start to enjoy working under the sink. Here is everything you should know regarding it.

Moen 7594esrs breakdown and review

Moen is a famous brand since the manufacturers pay attention to the needs of customers. Choosing the Moen 7594esrs can help you get value for your money since it is a quality faucet with everything you need. It can make your time in the kitchen easier thanks to the incorporation of motion sensor technology.

Apart from the sensors, this kitchen faucet has a pull-down design and comes in different captivating finishes. These finishes resist not only fingerprints but also water spots. Most customers also like the different spray functions included in this model. The manufacturer uses a simple installation system to help you start using this kitchen faucet in less time. This kitchen faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What we liked

  • It comes in a stylish design
  • Hands-free operation
  • It is easy to install
  • The faucet has three spray functions

What we did not like

  • It lacks a stay-on feature

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Moen 7594esrs specifications

DimensionsFlow rateSpout’s heightPull down hose lengthBatteriesHandlesCheck on Amazon
14 x 4 x 26 inches1.5 GPM15.9 inches69 inches6 AA1Check price here

Moen 7594esrs features


One of the things that you cannot fail to notice regarding the Moen 7594esrs faucet is its style. This is an elegant kitchen faucet that comes in different colors. You can either choose the stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or chrome style. The manufacturer makes it easy for you to find a finish that goes well with your kitchen décor. Since this finish also resists fingerprints and water spots, you don’t have to clean the faucet regularly.


Most customers are impressed with the ergonomic design of this faucet. The Moen 7594esrs has a pull-down design that makes cleaning better. Unfortunately, the pull-down spot does not have a magnetic ring. The height of the spout makes it easy for you to fill your big pans and pots with water under the sink.

You will like the stylish-looking handle that this kitchen faucet comes with. Being one-handled makes it easy for you to adjust the flow and temperature of the water using only one hand. If you ever need to replace the handle, you can get it from different types of finishes.


The faucet utilizes motion sensors designed to detect your hand’s gestures. As you invest in this kitchen faucet, you should expect at least two motion sensors. One is located close to its base, and the other is found at the top part of the spout.

If you pass your hand over the spout of this kitchen faucet, it will release a stream of water continuously. A second swipe can stop the stream. The sensors can also detect any other objects of varying temperatures. Since the sensors require electricity, the packaging includes some alkaline batteries.

Spray function

When you are doing different activities around the kitchen, you need different types of streams. This kitchen faucet is practical since it has various spray functions. They include aerated stream, powerful cleaning rinse, and the pause function. You can depend on the aerated stream for daily cleaning, while the powerful cleaning rinse is ideal when you need to clean many utensils. This can help you get rid of stains on different dishes. The powerful rinse does not, however, produce a forceful splash and can therefore slow you down.

If you want to stop the flow of water, you can always depend on the pause function. This last spray function is crucial since it prevents you from wasting a lot of water during cleaning so that you don’t have to keep on paying hefty water bills.

Who is it best suited for?

This kitchen faucet is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time doing clean-up tasks in the kitchen. If you want a modern-looking kitchen, you should also consider this faucet. Apart from home use, you can also install this faucet in an office.

Are there any alternatives to Moen 7594esrs?

If you feel that Moen 7594esrs is not the right faucet for your home, you can check its alternatives. Some of them include Kohler K-99261-CP, KOHLER K-72218-VS, and Dalmo. These faucets have certain similar functions.

Features of alternative kitchen faucets

ModelDimensionsFlow rateStyleHandlesCheck on Amazon
Kohler K-99261-CP16x8x4 inches1.8 GPMLow arc1Check price here
KOHLER K-72218-VS15x10x3 inches1.8 GPMStandard touchless1Check price here
Dalmo9x5x18 inches1.8 GPMHigh arc1Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Moen 7594esrs Arbor Motionsense?

Yes. This is a valuable kitchen faucet that you should consider buying. It not only comes in an elegant design but is also easy to use. The three spray modes and pull-down design make it better than conventional models. The Moen 7594esrs kitchen faucet provides all the necessary features that make cleaning a breeze.

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What is a touchless faucet?

This is a kitchen faucet that uses motion sensor technology such as the Moen 7594esrs. The technology is meant to activate the water stream.

Can I turn the sensor off in this kitchen faucet?

Yes. Use the control box if you want to turn off the sensor.

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