Kitchen Trends on Everyone’s Lips in 2022

Just 20 or 30 years ago, kitchens were tucked away in the back of the house and usually kept closed. Traditional kitchens used to be a place where women prepared food, washed dishes, and left until it was time for the next meal. However, in 2022, kitchens have a completely different role—they are open, welcoming to every member of the family, and kept on display for their beauty and symbolic elements.

Over the past few decades, kitchens transformed from secondary spaces to hearts of the home. If you think your kitchen still has some catching up to do, you might want to invest in a small makeover to welcome your culinary space into the 21st century. Here are all the top kitchen design trends to consider in 2022:

The subtle style of minimalism

Open spaces, clean worktops, plenty of surfaces to cook on, smooth lines, neutral colors—these are all the things popular in today’s minimalist kitchens. When open shelving used to be popular a few years ago, people realized that this style can quickly make your kitchen look cluttered which is no bueno. A better approach is to use storage and smart solutions to keep appliances, pots, pans and other cooking necessities hidden in cabinets, “garages” and drawers. If you’re serious about minimalism in your kitchen, you can even invest in integrated appliances that are tucked away behind panels that match your kitchen cabinets—everything from dishwashers to fridges and even microwaves can be seamlessly integrated to create a uniform look.

Want to go further with minimalism? You can conceal your kitchen from top to bottom and create space that can double as a dining room. Many people prefer to have their kitchens looking more traditional and recognizable, but if you’re in love with minimalism, this might be the route for you.

Wooden details

Since organic vibes and eco-friendly design is very popular today, wooden details are slowly emerging in kitchens. These details can not only make a big difference in your kitchen but also add depth, warmth, and sustainability to your space. And you can use timber in so many creative ways from cabinet doors to benchtops and even splashbacks. If you want to turn a plain kitchen into something special, timber beading under the island can do the trick in a bling of an eye.

When working with wooden details, make sure to be moderate because too much timber can make your kitchen look old-fashioned and too heavy. Also, if you’re remodeling on a budget, you don’t have to worry about investing in top-quality timber because there are amazing alternatives like vinyl planks and hybrid materials that look just like natural wood.

Smart kitchens

Technology plays a big part in all our lives, so it’s only natural to use it in the kitchen too. And we’re not talking only about fancy kitchen gadgets—tech is present in every fixture from lighting to taps and appliances that allow a truly smart cooking experience.

For some light tech upgrades, you can go with taps equipped with motion sensors that automatically turn on when you put your hand under. There are also smart refrigerators that help with your shopping list and coffee makers that allow you to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee already prepared. Integrated kitchen technologies that make up smart kitchens are one of the biggest trends in the past decade and we will just continue to improve technology and use it to make cooking easier and smoother.

Dark finishes

If you love a modern kitchen look, then dark colors are the way to go. This trend is not exactly new, but it’s much more approachable for everyday people, especially when you see how easy is to find elements like black kitchen sinks to include in your kitchen. For a nice contrast, match your black sink with shiny fixtures for a very popular two-tone kitchen look (more about that below). Or you can embrace a complete monochrome vibe with black sinks, fixtures, and countertops—this evokes luxury and sophistication. For a touch of warmth, you can easily mix your black elements with timber details for that warm, homely feel.

Sage green—the color of the year

Every year, designers and paint masters choose a color that will radiate throughout the year, and in 2022, we have beautiful and relaxing sage green. This color has a very natural look with grayish undertones that evoke peace, balance, and elegance. Other contestants for the it-color of the year are light blue and duck-egg blue.

Our sage green is perfectly complimented with other soft colors like gray or more feminine soft pink—all of these blends well with timber details. For some extra warmth and depth, dive into ochre or persimmon red tones. If you want to strike gold with your kitchen color combo, create a mood board with benchtop, flooring, and fixture colors put one next to another. This way, you’ll see whether the colors go well together or whether they class.

Two-toned kitchen color scheme

As mentioned above, two-toned kitchens are on the rise. As kitchens get influenced by the living spaces and other rooms of the house, the trend of combining colors is gaining traction, especially when it comes to two-tone kitchens. If you want to spice up your home, this 2022 trend is right for you. To embrace the trend, start with a deep and dark color and then complement it with contrasting elements in bright shades—this will boost the character of the space instantly.

And we’re not only talking about wall colors here—all objects in the kitchen from countertops to cabinets and appliances can fit the color scheme. To boost interest, even more, you can play with textures (think wood, matte or glossy finishes, and textured laminate).

Built-in appliances

In 2022, we can expect to see a bunch of new appliances, gadgets, and utensils perfect for any modern kitchen, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep all of them visible on the counters. Hiding appliances is one of the biggest trends today and investing in built-in appliances that don’t ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen are the key. With simple cabinets, it’s possible to hide everything from smaller appliances to fridges, and dishwashers and gadgets can be tucked away in practical storage boxes. So-called appliance garages are also great. Once popular in the past, they are back and more than practical than ever, allowing us to keep things like toasters, blenders, and kettles handy yet hidden away. This clears the counters so you can freely enjoy your breakfast and food preparation. What does having a coffee and toast station sound like?

Interesting hoods

Hoods are a must for every kitchen that gets a lot of cooking action, but modern hoods will look quite different, mostly moving towards downdraft extraction systems. How do these devices work? Well, they suck in all the odors and smoke from the stove and direct them downward—there’s no time for any smells to get into the air. If you live in an open-plan living space, this system can make your life so much easier. Ceiling hoods are good, but they are not practical because they can spoil the look of the entire room. The downdraft extraction system gives you the freedom to experiment with designs and move towards a more professional-looking minimalist kitchen.

Are you ready for a makeover? Make sure to include these trends into your kitchen and enjoy great aesthetic value as well as practicality and usability.

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