Kingston Brass Faucet Review: Kingston KS3192AL

Have you been shopping for a new kitchen faucet and are overwhelmed by the different options available? Consider getting a Kingston brass faucet. This company makes quality brass faucets that you can enjoy using. I had a kitchen faucet that started leaking a few months after installation. This did not seem to stop despite my efforts to try and fix the problem. The experience compelled me to start researching kitchen faucets. I came across different models from Kingston and decided to buy the Kingston Brass KS3192AL Restoration Filtration Faucet. Since I invested in this model, I have not experienced such issues again. Read on this review of the Kingston Brass Gourmetier KS3192AL, where you’ll find everything to know about this kitchen faucet.

Kingston brass faucet breakdown and review

A faucet is a crucial piece of furniture that your sink needs. You can get one from Kingston. This company has been producing different models of brass faucets to fulfill the needs of various buyers. We will review the most popular model known as Kingston Brass KS3192AL Restoration Filtration Faucet. This can help you create a modern look in your kitchen and help you consume clean drinking water free of harmful particles. Since the faucet is made from brass, you should expect it to serve you for many years. Brass is a solid and sturdy material known to outlast other materials used to make kitchen faucets. This model resists corrosion. Its valve has a positive feel, and this faucet delivers smooth water flow every time. This has a flow rate of about 1.5 gallons per minute, and it is easy to install. Before investing in this model, you should know that it is not designed for reverse osmosis. Once you invest in this faucet, you should get a long-term warranty for it. What we liked

  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • The finish is corrosion-resistant
  • It comes with one handle that is easy to adjust
  • Provides enough space for a drinking glass
  • It is ADA compliant

What we did not like

  • It is not compatible with hot water systems

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Kingston Brass Faucet KS3192AL specifications

DimensionsWeightFlow rateSpout reachSpout heightHandleMaterialCheck on Amazon
11x4x1 inches1.1lbs1.5 GPM4.6 inches11 inches1BrassCheck price here

Kingston Brass Faucet KS3192AL features


One thing that draws the attention of many potential buyers to this faucet is its elegant design. This Restoration Filtration Faucet is polished in brass finish. It looks goldish and can make your kitchen stand out. Most customers are also impressed with the compact design of this Kingston brass faucet. This faucet can easily blend in with your kitchen décor.


This kitchen faucet can help you fill a drinking glass without any problems. Apart from its elegance, this kitchen faucet comes with a high arch spout about 11 inches high. It, therefore, offers adequate space to hold a pitcher under it. You can fill a large container with water through this faucet within no time. The long neck of this brass faucet may appear a bit taller. Due to the height of this brass faucet, you don’t have to struggle to reach it. It can also prevent your counter from always getting wet every time you need drinking water.

Installation and operation

If you have never used a faucet before, worry not since this model is easy to use. The restoration filtration faucet features a single handle that turns effortlessly. The handle delivers high-precision adjustments. This faucet is also made to fit in your hand comfortably. Some new users of kitchen faucets are often intimidated by the installation of such devices. When you invest in this Kingston brass faucet, you will also not struggle to install it in your kitchen. As long as you are keen on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can get it up and running within no time. The package also includes all the materials that you require to install it correctly. If you are having trouble with this, consider getting help from a plumber.


Kingston made the restoration filtration faucet with durability in mind. The main body of this faucet is made of solid brass, and it also has a ceramic cartridge. These two protect the faucet against abrasion and leaks. The brass finish also acts as a barrier to protect the faucet from damages like watermarks and scratches.

Who is it best suited for?

This kitchen faucet can give you instant access to drinking water while at the same time minimizing plastic waste. If you need a high-quality restoration filtration faucet that comes at an affordable rate, this model is for you.

Are there any alternatives to this kitchen faucet?

If you feel that a Kingston brass faucet is not the right fit, you should consider some of its alternatives. Some of them include the KOHLER K-7505-CP Purist, Delta Faucet Trinsic, and Kraus KPF-1660CH.

The features of the alternative kitchen faucets

ModelInstallation methodSpout reachSpout heightFlow rateHandleMaterialCheck on Amazon
KOHLER K-7505-CP PuristDeck mounted8 inches8.9 inches1.8 GPM1MetalCheck price here
Delta Faucet TrinsicDeck mounted5.9 inches11 inches1.5 GPM1BrassCheck price here
Kraus KPF-1660CHDeck mounted8 inches18 inches1.8 GPM1BrassCheck price here

Verdict: So, should you buy this Kingston brass faucet?

Yes. Investing in a Kingston brass faucet can give you value for your cash. It is not only beautifully designed but also durable. This company integrates modern features into kitchen faucets. For instance, the filtration faucet has a high arch spout and a well-curved handle for smooth adjustments. Since this is corrosion resistant, it will keep shining for a long time. Such a Kingston brass faucet is, therefore, worth considering.


Can I utilize a sprayer with this specific Kingston brass faucet?

No. This does not offer a connection for a sprayer.

What is the purpose of a filtration kitchen faucet?

Kingston uses the filtration style in one of its brass models to help filter any harmful particles from water meant for drinking.

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