How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage – 6 Better Ways To Make it Skedaddle

Nature will find its way to make everything balance. No wonder animals can live alongside humans because that’s how it is. Co-existing with every one of them keeps the ecosystem from turning haywire. And that can apply to birds if you are fond of watching them fly around your house.

It’s nice to see some birds once in a while outside the home. They are pretty lovely animals, but not until it goes into your garage because birds seek shelter inside, and they can surely make some mess that you wouldn’t want to have.

And once they are in, you need to find every way to get them out because they can freely poop around the area, making you clean every time. To resolve that, we have created this guide to help you how to get a bird out of your garage. So learn from these simple steps and have a bird-free environment.

Why do birds love to enter your garage?

Most often, birds have the innate nature to have a specific place for their nest and one area that could be the best for them is to live in your garage. That would be the perfect place for them to hide from predators. In most cases, birds seek shelter because of weather conditions and their homes had been destroyed.

Aside from that, birds are always looking for food and one specific place where they can find one in your garage. Looking aside, birds are fond to loiter around and chances are they might be lost and eventually entered your doorsteps. These are some of the reasons why you can actually see some of them visiting your place and don’t blame them for that since they are just living their own ways.

How to get a bird out of your garage: Detailed Quick Tips

Tip # 1: Give the birds a chance to leave

The only thing that a bird can leave your garage is to provide them with a chance to go out. Leave your windows and doors open to tell them that they can go outside of their own accord. Be patient since it will take time for them to find the exit. In addition, you might want to turn off the lights so that the birds can see the light from the exit. That would tell them that’s the only way for them to leave.

On the contrary, the only way a bird can get inside your garage is to give them an entranceway. If you have a properly ventilated garage with a few windows, do not let them open the whole day. Once you leave them open, you are telling the birds that they are welcome to go inside your garage to enjoy the party anytime. Obviously, it would help if you kept in mind to close them every after using the garage to keep that innocent bird from getting in.

Tip # 2: Get a broomstick

Using a broom might be tempting, but don’t use it with what you are probably thinking. Instead, use it gently to scare away the bird that happens to build a nest at the corners of your garage. Then, move it carefully towards the bird and guide them to the exit until they can fly away safely unharmed.

While a broom can be used to get a bird out, it can also prevent a bird from getting in. Birds love food, and they are on their everyday journey to find one. Not only that they are searching for food, but they also are seeking to find shelter. The best place that they could find in your garage. Yes, unknowingly, a garage is one of the nicest places to be if you are a bird. It is cozy and warm every night, and of course, you may find food crumbs that fellow hoomans leave.

With that in mind, you need to make cleaning a habit once in a while in your garage. Keep it sturdy clean, and remove any mess that is present inside. Don’t lure the birds by leaving some food and once you’ve cleaned every area, make them say, “Oops! We’ve got a wrong turn. We can’t find any treasure inside because the area has been cleaned already.”

Tip # 3: Set some bird traps

Once a bird gets inside, it might be hard to get them out. So another option is to create some bird traps to catch the bird and get them out afterward. There are some DIY bird traps that you can make just in case a bird gets inside. A fishing net might come in handy in this case if you want to challenge yourself. Just give them food bait to lure them and catch them singlehandedly.

Aside from setting traps inside, you can also do this outside to keep the birds from getting in. Get a bird screen and install it over your windows to keep those bird visitors from entering. You can purchase some screen meshes in some stores in your neighborhood and lodge them in your windows.

Tip # 4: Make some noise

To get the bird’s attention, you need to make some noise. For example, have something that can be struck with a stick and make loud noises near the birds’ nest to signal that they are not welcome inside. Making loud noises by shouting can also be a key and if you have a megaphone at your home, that would most probably do the trick.

Birds easily get distracted by noise and they hate that. They want to live peacefully and that’s the reason why they have settled in your garage. Your garage might not be the place for you to get some sleep but for them, it is the ideal place to be. By making such noises, they will know that your garage won’t be good for a long-term stay.

Tip # 5: Use a Flashlight

In order to get hold of their attention, you can use a flashlight to signal them that you are there. Birds are sensitive to bright lights and usually, they become agitated, making them move out from their hiding place. While beaming a flashlight at them, you can make sounds to shoo them away.

You can also make some light reflections by using CDs. Tie them up and hang them near a light source or beside your window. In that way, sunlight will reflect the CDs, thus can provide reflection to distract the birds from getting near your garage.

Tip # 6: Get an owl decoy

If the bird persists in listening to your call, ask for help from its long sworn enemy. Birds are not fond of playing with owls since they are prey for them. Therefore, they do not get along from the start, which can be one of your best options if the bird won’t budge a single bit. You don’t want to wait for the bird the entire day, right? Then get an owl decoy and let it do its job to shoo away the bird in your place.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase one, you may want to make your own decoy. DIY scarecrows are often the best that you can do to make them go away when you don’t have the time to stay. By using a proxy, birds will eventually get out because someone is watching them every time. Their innate ability to sense danger will give them the move to relocate to other places.

Tip # 7: Put bird food at the exit

One thing that birds often can’t resist is food. The trick here is to lure them out with food at the exit. In this way, once the bird gets hungry, it will eventually try to get a taste of it as time passes by. However, this method may take a longer time to happen and it’s worth the wait.

Do this by getting bird food and placing it near the exit of your garage. Keep the door open at all times and wait for the bird to notice it. Once it pecks the food, immediately close the entranceway so that it won’t enter again. Be sure also to check your garage if you can find a nest lying inside.

Tip # 8: Relocate the nest

If you can find a bird fluttering inside your garage, it is more likely that it made it as its nesting grounds. Check the whole area and investigate whether there is a nest lying around the corners. It might be located in the safest place in your garage and most probable above the shelves or cabinets.

Once you have located the nest, find a tree nearby to relocate it. Make sure that you will get the nest without the mother as it will make things more complicated. Once you’ve seen that the mother had gone outside to find some food, immediately grab hold of the nest and slowly carry it outside your chosen tree. Be careful not to drop the eggs and carefully put them on the branches high above. The mother can eventually find the nest outside so you don’t need to be worried about that.

Tip # 9: Call some help with animal control

If everything fails and the birds are still there, not moving an inch, it’s time to call the professionals to remove them from your garage. They are experts in this circumstance and can bring the bird out safely without hurting them. Having the professionals do their thing will guarantee you that they will take good care of the bird. These would be the best possible way how to get a bird out of your garage in the safest way possible.


When you have some bird visitors coming inside your property, it does not get well more often. Fortunately, there are several ways to get them out safely and without harming them. Learning to co-exist with them by removing them unharmed is the best way.

Using the tips in this guide will help you from dealing with a stress-free method to giving the birds a chance outside. Not only that you are removing them from your garage, but you are also helping them to find a better shelter outside on the trees than staying on your premises. Give them a chance to fly again, and sooner or later, they will appreciate it.


1. Can I use my pet cat to remove the bird?

As much as possible, do not do this method. It will harm the bird once the cat catches it. Never resort to this cruelty because birds are breathing. Give them a chance to live their lives.

2. How do I know that there’s a bird seeking shelter in my garage?

Try to check the corners of your garage and above the cabinets. If you can see feathers, it most likely indicates that there is a feathery friend that is building a nest sooner in that area.

3. Why do I need to get them out of my own garage?

You wouldn’t want to clean their mess and of course, you wouldn’t want them to be trapped, Birds typically die in a few days when they are stuck inside. To save them from hunger and thirst is the very reason why you need to remove them from your garage.

4. Are birds harmless?

Most birds are harmless and they don’t intend to attack humans. But if they have laid eggs on their nest, be careful with that because they will surely protect their youngsters. They can also put up a fight when they need to.

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