How to Cool a Garage With No Windows? (7 tips)

How to cool a garage with no windows?

Garages are an integral part of western society especially North America. Americans have always had a special place in their hearts for the garage, which they see as more than just a parking space or storage area. They see it as a sanctuary that shelters them from the world and gives them the freedom to tinker with their car, build something out of wood, or do whatever else they want without anyone looking over their shoulder.

In the hot summers, the garage can become a hot box and in the cold winters, it can be a cold icebox. This can be very uncomfortable for the people who are using the garage and it can also be bad for their vehicles. In this blog post, I will tell you how you can cool your windowless garage on summer days. But before that let us address the question “Is it necessary to keep your garage cool?”

Is it really necessary to cool a garage with no windows?

This depends on garage usage. Whether you use your garage as mere a parking lot for your car or you use it for other purposes too. If you use it only for parking, then it is not necessary to keep the garage cool. But if you use it as a workshop, then you have to keep it cool because working in a hot environment is not comfortable and can also be dangerous.

How to keep garage cool in summer?

There are many ways to keep your garage cool in summer. The following are some effective solutions to cool your garage if it has no windows or ventilation options.

  1. Garage fans
  2. Ceiling fans and attic vents with garage attic fan
  3. Portable evaporative coolers
  4. Portable air conditions
  5. Mini-splits 
  6. Dehumidifiers
  7. Insulation
  8. Other creative solutions for hot garages

1. Garage fans:

The first option that you can use to cool your garage is to install some garage fans. There are many different types of garage fans that you can buy and they come in a variety of prices. Some of them are even solar-powered, so they won’t add to your electric bill. Garage fans work by circulating the air around the garage and they can make a big difference on a hot day.

2. Ceiling fans and attic vents with garage attic fan:

Another option for making your garage a little cooler is to install some ceiling fans in the space. If there are no windows, you can buy a couple of strong fans to cool down your garage by circulating air from outside into inside until it becomes comfortable to work in or enter the garage.

The number of ceiling fans depends on the size of your garage. Usually, for a 1-car garage, one ceiling fan with a size of 20 to 36 inches diameter is enough, for a 2-car garage, you will need a larger fan with a 38 to 44 inches diameter. Mostly, a 1-car garage is common. However, there are 3-car garages, and even 4- and 5-car garages are also in luxury homes.

In addition to ceiling fans, you can also install an attic vent on your roof. This is an attic vent that you can install on the roof of your garage. This will allow hot air to escape from the attic as the hot air rises. To aid these vents garage attic fan is installed. This will reduce the garage temperature and make it cool. The attic vents are not very expensive and they are easy to install.

3. Portable evaporative coolers:

If you want to use a more powerful and inexpensive method to cool your garage space, you should think of portable evaporative coolers. The garage cooler work by using evaporation to lower the temperature of the air. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you can find one that will fit in your windowless garage. They also come with different price tags, so you can find one that is affordable for you.

However, this temporary solution has one demerit – it will increase the humidity level in the room. So you have to use a dehumidifier at the same time if you want to keep your garage dry and mold-free. This is especially important if you work with chemicals because the humidity can damage some of your tools and other valuables.

4. Portable air conditioners:

If you want to use a more permanent solution to cool your garage, you can buy a portable garage air conditioner. This portable air conditioner is a good option if you use your garage as a workshop because it will keep the temperature in the garage comfortable. The downside of this option is that they are not very affordable and they require an electrical outlet.

Portable air conditioning systems come in different sizes and the most important factor to consider when buying one is the size of your garage. You don’t want to buy a unit that is too small for the space or one that is too large and will take up too much space.

5. Mini-splits to keep cool a garage:

In some areas, the above-mentioned methods for cooling the garage don’t work due to intense summer heat on hot summer days. In these cases, it is best to consider installing a mini-split AC. A mini-split unit is installed in the wall of your garage and they are very easy to install. This is a bit expensive option to coll your garage. however, this is a permanent solution for cooling your garage.

A mini-split AC unit comes in two parts: the compressor (outdoor unit) and the evaporator (indoor unit). The compressor is installed outside of your garage and the evaporator is installed inside. This allows you to cool down only the area of the garage that you are using at the moment. So if you are working on a project in the garage and it gets too hot, you can cool the area down quickly by turning on the mini-split AC unit.

6. Dehumidifiers:

The humidity in the garage makes things worse. If the humidity is high, it will increase the temperature even more. So you should use a dehumidifier to keep your garage dry and cool down the space. The working principle of a dehumidifier is that it collects the water vapor from the air and then releases it back into the air. This is done by cooling the air and then condensing the water vapor. The water is then collected in a container or drainage system. In this way, the dehumidifier can make the wet and humid air drier, which will help you keep your garage cool.

You should buy a dehumidifier that is large enough for your garage. You should also consider buying one with an automatic shut-off feature, which will turn the unit off if the humidity level becomes too low. This will help you save energy and it will also prolong the life of your dehumidifier.

7. Insulation:
The best way to keep your garage cool in the summer is to insulate it. The garage insulation will stop the heat from entering the garage. The proper insulation will also maintain the temperature of your windowless garage in the winter. It will keep the heat in and it will prevent heat loss. So a well-insulated garage will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In order to insulate your garage, you have to pay attention to all cracks and gaps, because they can let through both cold air from outside and hot air from inside. It is a good idea to use a heavy-duty insulation kit, which will include thick pieces of foam. You should install the insulation around the floor, the garage walls, and the garage ceiling. The garage door insulation is as important as other parts of the garage.

There are different types of insulation that you can use, but the most popular type is batt insulation. Batt insulation is made of fiberglass and is easy to install. You can find insulation kits at your local home improvement store and they will come with instructions that will help you do the job.

Other creative and alternative solutions for hot garages with no windows:

The other alternative solutions for the cooling of your dream garage are creative and simple. For example, if your garage is painted with some dark colors then it is better to paint it with lighter colors. The light colors reflect the heat and will give you a cooler sense in your garage. Similarly, keep the garage door open while you are working in it to let the hot air out. You can also install a breeze-way door to help you get rid of the heat.

Doors play an important role in keeping your garage cool by blocking out insulating elements like light and sound. Insulated core commercial doors prevent heat transfer while providing superior insulation, fire resistance, and noise reduction. Keep the doors closes if they are in contact with direct sunlight.

In addition, it is a good idea to avoid your garage when the sun is at its peak. So go there in the morning when it’s still cool or at night when it’s not too hot.


So what is the best option to cool your garage with no windows? It all depends on your budget, the size of your garage, and your needs. You can use mini-split AC units, dehumidifiers, insulation, or a combination of these methods to keep your garage cool in the summer.

Windowless garages can be difficult to keep cool in the summer. But with the right tools and tips, you can make your garage more comfortable. If you find these tips helpful then do share them with your friends who seek answer to questions i.e. “how to keep garage cool in summer?” or “how to cool a garage with no windows?”. Further, if you also have any creative solution then do share it in the comments. 

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