House Smells Like Cigarettes, But No One Smokes: Causes & Solutions

by | Dec 26, 2021

House Smells Like Cigarettes, But No One Smokes

The smell of cigarette smoke can permeate into your home and make it difficult to enjoy. This is caused by the tobacco particles that are left behind in the air after smoking, which settle on surfaces. Once you’re done with cigarettes, why not try these easy solutions for getting rid of cigarette smell?

The “house smells like cigarettes, but no one smokes” is a common problem that many people face. The causes and solutions are discussed in this article.

You may experience substantial pain if you have a constant cigarette smoke odor in your home. It’s much worse when no one in the home smokes and you can’t figure out what’s causing the odor. What should you do and what may be the cause?

If a place smells like cigarette smoke although no one smokes inside, the cause of the odor might be a buildup of third-hand smoke on furniture, carpets, clothes, curtains, and walls. It might be caused by old or defective gas-powered water heaters or furnaces in certain circumstances.

You’ll learn about the hazards of third-hand cigarette smoke, the reasons of the odor in your house, and how to get rid of it in this article.

What Is Cigarette Smoke From A Third-Hand Cigarette?

The residue left behind after a cigarette has been extinguished is known as third-hand cigarette smoke. This residue may spread swiftly in a household and can withstand cleaning agents months after the last cigarette has been smoked.

Third-hand smoke includes hazardous particles and gases that may permeate all types of surfaces and materials, including garments, walls, carpets, and curtains, making it difficult to get rid of the odor. Nicotine may taint even the dust in your house.

Why Is Cigarette Smoke From Third-Hand Cigarettes Dangerous?

You may be tempted to ignore the smell of cigarette smoke in your home, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t:

  • Third-hand smoke contains toxins and harmful substances that may cause cancer.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may strike children who live in areas where there is a lot of third-hand smoking (SIDS).
  • Asthma may be exacerbated by exposure to third-hand smoking.

Cigarette Odors and Their Causes

What causes the cigarette smell in the house when no one smokes.

Here are several reasons why your home may smell like cigarette smoke despite the fact that no one in your household smokes:

In the House, There’s an Unknown Smoker

If you live with other individuals, it’s likely that they’ve started smoking without your awareness. It might also indicate that they spend a lot of time among smokers, causing nicotine and other compounds in secondhand smoke to bond to their skin, hair, and clothing. When contaminated hair or clothing enters your house, the air quality will inevitably deteriorate.

Smokers Should Not Sit Near Your Windows or Doors

The cigarette smoke smell might be coming from outside if you live in an apartment building where people can stroll by or sit near to your open doors and windows. Even if no one is smoking at the time you notice the odor, past smoke sessions may have left residues in the house via the doors and windows.

Similarly, if you live in a semi-detached building with a smoker as a neighbor, you’ll virtually always have to cope with the stench of cigarette smoke. This is particularly true if the roofing allows air from both homes to freely mingle.

The building’s previous occupants were smokers.

The most prevalent source of cigarette smoke odor in a home is this. As we’ve seen, untreated wood, textiles, ceilings, plaster walls, and other surfaces may absorb nicotine and other chemicals in smoke. In certain situations, sealed gloss or semi-gloss painted surfaces may retain tobacco deposits, causing the smoke odor to linger for years.

Smoke Remains from Your Previous Life as a Smoker

If you smoked in the past, the odor would not go away instantly, similar to the argument made above. It may persist for a long time on the surfaces described above, as well as your clothing and bedding.

Filters from the past

If you were a smoker in the past or live in a property that was previously inhabited by a smoker, the air filters in the house and the air conditioner are very certainly polluted with nicotine and carbon from prior smoking sessions. As the air conditioner operates or as air goes through the filter, the smoke odor will be released.

Water heater or furnace system that has been damaged or is old.

Is your furnace or water heater powered by natural gas? If they’ve been in use for a long period, you should get them checked out. Damaged or aging systems will not effectively burn liquid propane or natural gas, resulting in harmful fumes leaking into your house. Because the emission may include the same pyrolytic compounds found in a burning cigarette, the vapors may have a similar odor to cigarette smoke.

Bring in some specialists to go over the system and make sure there aren’t any more serious problems. The gases are quite dangerous. In the worst-case situation, it might result in a fire.

Reasons of Health

Sinus infections often lead you to detect unpleasant scents that aren’t there, but not the smell of cigarettes. If you have a consistent cigarette odor in your home, it’s most likely due to one of the causes listed above.

However, certain very uncommon forms of brain tumors might cause you to have olfactory hallucinations or illusions, leading you to smell everything, even cigarette smoke. If you can still smell cigarette smoke even when you’re outside your residence, get medical help right away, particularly if you’re in a smoking-free zone.

11 Tips for Getting Rid of Cigarette Smoke in Your Home

Getting rid of cigarette smoke smell in a house.

There are a few things you may do to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in your home:

1. Make sure the house is well ventilated.

If you smell cigarette smoke from time to time, the cause is most likely transient (passers-by, guests from your neighbor, etc.). Opening your doors and windows, as well as running the fans, may assist to get rid of the odor and prevent it from taking root in your home.

2. Renovate the home

If you’ve just moved into a home and assume the previous resident was a smoker, renovating is the best approach to get rid of the odor. You’ll need to repaint the walls, remove the old carpets, and refinish the wood flooring.

You should clean the walls first with a heavy-duty cleanser, such as trisodium phosphate, before painting them. An odor sealant should be included in your primer of choice. If the floor is tiled, clean it using a water-bleach solution.

3. Clean Your HVAC Unit’s Filters and Ducts

Nicotine and other compounds responsible for the cigarette odor may clog your HVAC system, as we’ve observed. Cleaning or replacing your air ducts and filters may assist to eliminate the odor in your house.

If you’ve moved into a residence that was previously occupied by a smoker or if you’re a smoker yourself, this is an option you should explore.

4. Use Vinegar to Get Rid of the Odor

When you’re attempting to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell in your home, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar may help. Boil some vinegar and let the steam to circulate around your property.

Alternatively, you may wipe out surfaces in the room with the cigarette smoke smell by mixing 2-3 cups of vinegar in a gallon of warm water. You may also try scattering vinegar bowls about the home to absorb the cigarette smoke odor.

The sour scent of vinegar might remain in the air for a long time if you choose this option. Cleaning surfaces that have been touched with vinegar with a baking soda solution can help to mask the odor. The vinegar scent, on the other hand, is innocuous, so you should probably let it go for a day or two.

5. Add some coffee grounds to the mix

Another alternative for removing the cigarette smoke odor from the air is to use coffee grinds. Allow them to dry completely outdoors before placing some in small bowls or containers for usage around the home. If the scent persists, leave them for a day and change them.

The disadvantage of this method is that you’ll be substituting coffee for cigarette smoke, although the latter is far milder and carries no health hazards.

6. Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of the Odor

Baking soda, as you can see from the previous paragraph, is effective against most odors, including cigarette smoke. Get some scented baking soda and strew it throughout your home in locations where you can smell cigarettes. Allow it to sit for a day or two to neutralize the stench before vacuuming out the baking soda.

This procedure may be repeated as many times as necessary. Similarly to vinegar, you may strategically position tiny bowls of baking soda about the home to absorb the odor. This is a more time-consuming way, but it works.

7. Scatter Charcoal Throughout the Room

Strong odors, such as those from cigarette smoke, are easily absorbed by charcoal. To use it as a treatment, just put some charcoal in tiny basins and containers and set them in the corners of the home, just like you would with baking soda. Every two days, replace the old charcoal with a fresh one until the odor has gone away completely.

To get rid of the odor, you may use regular charcoal briquettes, but activated charcoal is more porous and has a larger surface area to absorb impurities. If you can’t get activated charcoal, you may make regular grill charcoal more effective by grinding it to powder.

8. Soak some cotton in oil extracts for a few minutes.

Oil extracts such as peppermint and vanilla may also successfully combat the smoking odor. They may successfully hide the stench depending on the severity of the circumstance. Simply leave some cotton wool soaked in the oil extracts about the home for a day, and the pleasant scent will gradually dominate the smoke odor.

For more extreme situations, wipe out surfaces with an oil-soaked towel or pour the oil bowls around the home and let them to sit for as long as required. You may also use a humidifier with the oil extract.

9. Freshen the air with air fresheners

Febreze air fresheners can conceal the smell of cigarette smoke while also altering your olfactory system so you won’t smell anything else except the product. However, this is just a temporary solution.

As the freshener wears off, the smell will return, so only use this treatment if you need to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell for a short time. You’ll have to think about the other choices on this list if you want to get rid of the scent for good.

10. Invest in an air purifier with carbon filters.

You may get an air purifier with carbon filters to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell in the home if you have a severe case of cigarette smoke smell but it isn’t bad enough to warrant a complete renovation. This approach has the advantage of removing pollen, pet hair, mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens.

Consider air filter products like the VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series and Bissell MYair for smaller rooms. The NuWave Oxypure, on the other hand, is a more expensive but more efficient choice to consider for bigger settings.

11. Peel and slice some apples or potatoes

Smells may be absorbed by certain foods and fruits, such as potatoes and apples. Gather a few, cut them in half, and scatter them about the home to slowly absorb the smoke odor. Within a day, you should notice some benefits. Look for fruits or root crops that are no longer suited for ingestion but aren’t completely rotted to reduce food waste. You might inquire with the attendant at your local grocery shop about how to get some of the damaged items.

There Is No Fire But The House Smells Like Smoke


The odor of cigarette smoke is more than a slight annoyance. It may raise your risk of some cancers and make your home dangerous for little children. Take the time to figure out what’s causing the odor and then take efforts to eliminate it.

In less severe situations, putting some absorbent materials in the home might help to restore the freshness of the rooms. However, if the cigarette smoke smell is extremely strong, you may need to invest for a comprehensive house renovation.

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The “house smells like cigarette smoke when it rains” is a common problem that many people experience. The “house smells like cigarette smoke, but no one smokes” is the result of a number of different causes and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my room smell like cigarette smoke when I dont smoke?

A: Just because you dont smoke doesnt mean that your room wont smell like cigarette smoke. It is the chemicals in cigarettes, and the fact that it takes a lot of time for them to break down into other things. To get rid of this smell from your home, try using an air purifier!

Why does my house still smell like smoke?

A: There is no way for your house to smell like smoke unless there was a fire or something in it. You may want to consider buying an air purifier, as many people say that they are able to clean the air with these devices and eliminate any smells in their homes.

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