Can You Put Drano in a Toilet?

No. You should not do this since Drano can heat the toilet pipes, crack the toilet’s porcelain and even harm you if you mix it with another product.

When the toilet is clogged, it makes it impossible for you to use it. Pouring Drano in the toilet is not the best solution since it can be dangerous to you and even lead to costly damage to the toilet. Here is more!

Why you should avoid putting Drano in a toilet

Drano is a chemical clog cleaner that is quite popular in the market. It makes use of oxidizing chemicals to dissolve substances that may be clogging a drain. When you pour Drano down a drain, the chemical creation between this product and the clog creates heat. You can use Drano to unclog a sink but not the toilet.

The drain in a bathroom or kitchen sink is different from the drain in a toilet. Drano is designed to unclog a sink since its chemical makeup can easily reach clogs in the pipe structure of a sink. A sink often has skin oils, soap scum, or food scraps that are easy to unclog using Drano.

Since the toilet’s drain is created differently, if you pour Drano in the toilet, there is a low chance for the cleaner to reach the clog. Clogs in a toilet often contain toilet paper, human waste, and feminine products that create unique conditions. Using Drano to try and unclog the toilet can cause problems to its pipes. Since Drano is not designed to work fast, the heat generated when you pour it into a toilet can crack the porcelain of your toilet.

It can also soften the PVC of the toilet pipes. Apart from harming the sewer system, using Drano to try and unclog a toilet can harm the environment. Suppose you have already poured Drano in the toilet, and you realize that it is not working. You may look for another method to try and unclog the toilet drain. If, for instance, you use a toilet auger after pouring in Drano, it can splash on you. This is risky since it might burn your skin or eyes.

If you use another chemical cleaner once you have already used Drano, you might create toxic fumes. Suppose you use bleach to clean the toilet after trying to unclog it using Drano. When the active ingredient in Drano mixes with bleach, it might create a toxic gas known as chloramines. This can harm you since it can cause different symptoms such as chest pain, eye irritation, or even breathing problems.

How then can one unclog a toilet?

Using a flange plunger

Now that using Drano to unclog the toilet is bad, you should learn how to unclog the toilet correctly. You can use a flange plunger to unclog the toilet. Place it over the bottom of the toilet bowl and try pumping up and down a couple of times. This can easily clean the drain on its own since it creates pressure in the toilet’s pipes. The plunger allows the toilet to start flushing freely again.

Using a toilet auger

If the clogging is too much, you can try using a toilet auger. This can also clear the toilet’s drain. You can get a toilet auger from a hardware store. Ensure that the corkscrew end of this appliance is covered with rubber before using it on a toilet to avoid scratching the porcelain. Once you put the auger inside the toilet hole, you should turn its handle clockwise. This can easily dislodge the obstruction clogging the toilet. Once it does this, you can now pull out the toilet auger. You can give the toilet some more plunges before flushing it. If the clog is very far away in the sewer line, you will need assistance from a plumber.

Using drain cleaners that have natural enzymes

Apart from a toilet auger and plunger, you can also unclog the toilet using some natural enzymes. Certain drain cleaners utilize naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria, which can digest organic waste clogged in the plumbing system. Natural enzymes can remove the blockage without damaging the toilet’s pipes or creating any toxic fumes. If you choose such, you should let the cleaner sit overnight for it to work.


Toilets sometimes tend to clog when they accumulate a lot of substances that cannot flow through easily. If you are experiencing such a problem, avoid putting a Drano in the toilet since it has many adverse effects. Consider using one of the alternatives that we have highlighted instead of Drano.


How can I prevent my toilet from clogging?

Avoid throwing heavy paper products in the toilet. Only throw in products that will not negatively affect the plumbing system.

What should I do if I notice that my toilet is about to overflow?

Stop using it and turn off the water supply. You should then think of the best way to unclog it.

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