Can You Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

by | Jan 1, 2022

Can You Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

Can you fix a cracked TV screen?

A cracked TV screen can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive process. Can you fix a cracked TV screen? Most people think that it is not possible but with the right tools, you can fix it yourself for significantly less than paying for professional repair or replacement. With your broken TV back in action again and that money saved from not having to buy one altogether.

The “how much does it cost to fix a cracked flat screen tv” is a question that is asked by many people. The answer depends on the type of damage, but most repairs can be done for around $100.

Can you fix a cracked TV screen?

One of the greatest fears for tech aficionados or anybody who has spent a lot of money on a new TV is a cracked screen. This is the last thing you want to happen with how costly televisions can be. Is there any cause to be concerned, or can the screen be repaired at a reasonable price?

A damaged TV screen may be repaired, but the expense of doing so is nearly as much as purchasing a new TV outright. Because the display accounts for the majority of the TV’s cost, you may expect a replacement to be almost as expensive as the original.

We’ll answer your concerns about the cost of TV repair, when a TV isn’t worth mending, and whether or not a warranty covers a damaged screen.

The Worst That Can Happen Is A Cracked TV Screen

The sight of a valuable television screen cracking is enough to make anyone’s heart stop. Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment is quickly rendered unusable, and it generally results from human mistake, such as VR users striking their displays accidently.

While TV makers attempt to make the glass on their televisions more robust, the reality is that glass is glass, and the glass in those televisions isn’t bulletproof. If anything strikes a huge, relatively thin pane of glass, there is a lot of space for things to go wrong rapidly.

This is why it’s not a good idea to put a TV in a high-traffic location where it can’t be pushed over or where it may be struck by anything. When playing virtual reality games, never sprint forward; there have been several instances of individuals crashing into their televisions because they forgot they were playing a game.

Also, make sure the TV stand is large enough to accommodate the television. It is more likely to be knocked to the ground if it is sitting exactly at the edge of the stand.

When it comes to a TV with a damaged screen, though, no amount of advise can bring it back to life. Instead, you’ll need to assess the issue and choose the best course of action.

How Much Does a Cracked TV Screen Cost to Repair?

Almost anybody who has had several things fixed can tell you that the cost varies substantially based on what is being repaired, who is doing the repair, and how much work is needed. You must also consider whether or not the equipment is still under warranty (more on that later).

Estimating the cost of a repair might be difficult. It all relies on the following variables:

  • What was the extent of the damage?
  • Who is going to fix it?
  • What sort of display does the television have?

If the break is little, the repair will most likely be simpler, and the fee will be lower overall. If the impact came in the corners of the TV, the cracks are usually smaller, therefore if this is where the damage is in your case, you’ll probably have the greatest results when it comes to repairing a cracked TV screen.

Impacts towards the center, on the other hand, usually cause greater damage because it is the weakest section of the glass panel. Unfortunately, since the middle-ish region is the simplest to strike, here is where most problems occur. Because more work is necessary in this situation, the repair cost will be greater.

Finally, the sort of display you have will have a significant impact. Depending on the store you bring it to, repairing the common 4K LCD TV that you see being purchased in droves these days might cost anywhere from $300 to $400. Repairs on an OLED or QLED TV will be more costly.

Your repair will very certainly be as expensive as the television itself.

The cost of the repair will most likely be the same as the cost of the TV. It may come as a shock at first, but television has just one task to complete, or two if it’s a Smart TV. And that’s what we’re talking about when it comes to displaying material. A massive 4K QLED HDR TV isn’t expensive because it didn’t feel like charging that much. Those displays are, after all, rather costly. And, as you would expect, the screen is by far the most expensive component of the television.

Other devices, on the other hand, will offer you a significantly lower screen repair fee. Consider a laptop: even if it has a good screen, other components like the CPU and GPU might account for a significant chunk of the cost if they are extremely powerful. A TV, on the other hand, does not need a lightning-fast SoC to work, thus the product’s cost will be driven by that enormous, sharp display.

This brings us to a frequently asked question: is there ever a case when a damaged TV screen is worth repairing?

Is It Worth Repairing?

When you have an item with a front that is totally made of glass, there isn’t much else that can shatter except the glass if anything strikes it or it falls over. This is why, when a TV is serviced, broken screens are the most typical problem. But, given some of the prices you might be charged, don’t you sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better to simply get a new TV?

Unless you can have it fixed locally at a reasonable price, the answer is yes in 98 percent of instances.

The screen is the most costly component of television, and fixing it is neither simple nor inexpensive. The prevailing perception is that it is best to simply buy a new TV rather than have one fixed since repair costs are often close or equal to the cost of the TV.

Buying a Used TV: What to Look for and What to Avoid

Is a Broken Screen Covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

You’d assume that manufacturer warranties would cover inadvertently shattered screens, but they don’t in the majority of cases. You may be wondering what the warranty’s purpose is at this point. In actuality, the guarantee is in place to cover flaws like dead pixels.

As previously said, one of the most typical reasons for a TV to be serviced is a cracked screen. Given how costly repairing a screen is, it doesn’t make financial sense for the manufacturer to cover it in their guarantee, especially because you are statistically more likely to damage the screen than any other problem. If they offer you a steep discount or execute the work for free, they will lose money.

When it comes to paid warranties, whether from the manufacturer or from the retailer, damaged TV screens are seldom included. It’s something that almost no company wants to deal with.

Smartphone warranties are vastly different. If you fracture your screen by accident, you may get a warranty that covers repairs or replacements. This is because replacing a tiny screen, which accounts for just a portion of the device’s cost, is substantially less expensive. AppleCare+, for example, will cover the cost of replacing a damaged screen.


The only way to avoid losing money is to take preventative measures.

We understand how heartbreaking it is for something like this to occur, but the only way to handle the problem without losing a lot of money is to take the required precautions. TVs are big, delicate things, with the weakest element of their construction visible to the whole room. It’s vital to keep in mind that a single bad effect might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A TV requires a lot of attention, particularly if it is huge and costly. Here are some suggestions for lowering your risks of breaking it.

Nobody is permitted to touch the monitor.

There is no need for anybody to come into touch with your TV’s screen. It’s unlikely to be touch-enabled, and it’s unlikely to be used for anything other than gazing at it. It’s critical to establish firm limits if you have children or pets in the home.

It may be enjoyable to see a cat pursue and swat a bird that appears on screen for pets, but allowing this just in case is not a smart idea. Your cat’s claws will not be able to cause harm if they are properly trimmed, and dogs will not be able to cause damage if their claws are properly clipped, but it is advisable to dissuade them from touching the television. They’re definitely “see but don’t touch” appliances.

Avoid hurling anything at the television.

This is more true for children than we may think. Numerous reports have surfaced of children inadvertently smashing televisions by tossing a ball or other item within. To prevent such mishaps, it is essential to establish a rule against tossing anything near the television.

Use a TV Stand that Fits the Television

It’s time to replace your TV if it barely fits on the stand. Minor bumps might possibly knock the TV to the floor if there isn’t enough space for it. There should be plenty of space around the television. If you’re worried about it being banged about, we suggest attaching a safety strap.

When playing in virtual reality, be cautious.

Because of its inexpensive price, sharp screen, powerful SoC, and lack of need for a PC or gaming console, the Oculus Quest 2 has prompted many individuals to take the plunge and check out virtual reality.

This also implies that if someone isn’t acclimated to VR and isn’t aware of their surroundings, numerous TVs are at risk. If you’re playing VR games while standing up, make sure you’re in an area with lots of space around you and don’t stray too far from it. If your headset has a guardian function that alerts you when you leave the play area, take use of it! There’s a reason it’s there.

Finally, make advantage of the controller straps that come with them. Since the release of the Nintendo Wii, broken televisions have been a common occurrence. A slick controller is easy to lose control with, and putting on the strap only takes 1.5 seconds. Check watch this video to show what happens if you don’t handle your controllers with care:



The worst thing that may happen to your TV is a cracked screen, since nearly no warranties will cover the damage. This is because the screen is the most costly component of the TV, and repairing it will cost you as much as buying a new one. This is why it is essential to be cautious around your television and to establish guidelines to avoid mishaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen?

A: Yes, a cracked screen isnt as bad as you might think. A broken or damaged TV is still usable for watching shows and movies, if not with added problems like flickering images or the sound cutting out occasionally.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked TV screen?

A: The cost for a screen replacement is about $400-600.

Can you fix a TV thats been cracked?

A: Unfortunately, this is not something I am competent to do.

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