Best Stainless Steel Sinks for Your Kitchen 2022

Even with the introduction of the dishwasher, stainless steel sinks have remained indispensable. Needless to say, there have been some changes to its design that have enhanced functionality. For example, some are made with garburators, and most of them can now dispense hot water.

Stainless steel has remained a popular material for making kitchen sinks for over 80 years. Since they can’t go out of style, stainless steel sinks are usually enhanced by their surroundings. So, you can find some kitchen countertops made with stone, wood, or Granite. All of these materials enhance the overall look of the kitchen sinks.

Stainless steel sinks also do have some properties that homeowners need to watch out for. For example, a good stainless steel sink should have a lustrous satin finish, and it should also be resistant to dents. The sink should be less noisy whenever used for washing utensils.

Best Stainless Steel Sinks – Comparison Table

Best Stainless Steel Sinks Bowl TypeCheck on Amazon
Ruvati 33 x 22 inch WorkstationSingle BowlCheck Price Here
KOHLER Prolific 29 inch Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkSingle BowlCheck Price Here
Kraus KBU25Unequal Double bowlCheck Price Here
Dayton D225193 Equal Double BowlEqual Double bowlCheck Price Here
ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink30-inch single bowlCheck Price Here
Ruvati RVM4136 UndermountSingle bowlCheck Price Here
Friho 33"x 22" Inch 18 Gauge TopmountSingle bowlCheck Price Here
33 Farmhouse Sink Double StainlessDouble bowlCheck Price Here

Ruvati 33 x 22 inch Workstation

Ruvati is a stainless steel single bowl kitchen sink with features that can convert it to a working station. This type of sink is a good option for those who love a neat kitchen. The sink comes complete with a chopping board, a dish drying foldable rack, and a stainless steel colander. Additionally, the stainless steel sink bowl has incorporated drain openings that can integrate with any garbage disposal unit. It also features pre-drilled holes for use with a faucet and a soap dispenser.

Underneath the sink, you will find a heavy-duty sound guard feature and a thick rubber padding that helps to minimize noise and reduce condensation. The sink has been designed with a sloped bottom made complete with drain grooves that allow complete water drainage. Ruvati stainless sink does have a rectangular look, but at the bottom, the corners are rounded for fast and easy cleaning.


  • The brushed finish is easy to clean and durable
  • The thick rubber padding helps to minimize noise
  • The sink doubles up as a workstation
  • The workstation feature keeps the countertop clean


  • The sinks retain watermarks
  • It is a high maintenance unit

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KOHLER Prolific 29 inch Stainless Kitchen Sink

Kohler Prolific 29inch is made with a premium steel material, an 18 gauge stainless steel that will not compromise on its structural integrity with everyday use. Featuring the silent shield sound absorption technology, less noise can be expected from the sink when utensils are washed.

The sink does not come with a faucet hole. Thus, homeowners are at liberty to pick a faucet that suits them. Users also get to benefit from other accessories that come with the sink. They will get a durable bamboo board, a wash bin, grated racks, and a colander. Customization has been enabled with the grated ledges that enable the sinks to be placed at a comfortable height; thus, users can customize their working space.


  • The sink has a huge capacity
  • The three sliding tiers add an extra dimension to the sink
  • The incorporated accessories convert the sink to a workstation
  • The unique cone-shaped drain helps with cleanup


  • The sink reduces the available counter space
  • Rust spots develop with consistent use

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Kraus KBU25

Kraus stainless steel kitchen sink has been made with a dent-resistant durable TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 stainless steel material that will retain its sheen even with daily use. The incorporation of extra-thick pads has enabled noise and vibration reduction. The sink has also been fitted with a deep bowl and a flat bottom meant to protect glassware while providing ample space for other dishes.

The unique under-mount design allows homeowners to create a seamless transition from the sink to the countertop. Dirt and water can also be cleaned easily into the sink, and the corners of the sink sport a curved design meant to enable easy cleaning. The Kraus stainless steel sink also features protective undercoating, which helps prevent condensation that can damage the kitchen cabinets.


  • The Kraus kitchen sink is quieter
  • The sink has a superior drainage design
  • The stainless steel sink is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Double sink design allows smooth workflow


  • Rust spots can be spotted in as little as two weeks
  • The sink leaves behind watermarks

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Dayton D225193 Equal Double Bowl

Dayton Equal Double Bowl is a drop-in kind of sink, has a curved bottom for easy cleaning and a big drainage hole at the center to keep the water flowing. The double bowls are of the same size, and you can either use them for washing, soaking, rinsing, or drying, among other household tasks. The sink is quiet thanks to incorporating the sound deadening pads that help minimize sound and vibration.

Among Dayton’s functional features is the U-channel installation that comes complete with mounting clips placed inside the channel to help with installation.


  • The sink has incorporated the sound deadening pads
  • U-channel installation comes with mounting clips
  • The sink is durable and light in weight
  • Dayton sink does not stain


  • The coating on the sink wears off
  • The width and depth are somehow small

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ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink

The Zuhne Modena under-mount kitchen sink has been made with indestructible T304 steel. The material is not only rust-proof but can take on the weight of your cast iron pots without denting. The incorporated 2.5x thermal better insulation helps with noise and vibration cancellation. And the sloped base design ensures that water drains fast; the tight radius corners improve the aesthetics of the sink and make it easy to maintain.

The design of the Zuhne Modena enables it to blend with the modern kitchen decors, the material of the sink is stainless steel, but the color is not glossy rather matte stainless steel.


  • Made with an indestructible stainless material
  • The sink is rust proof
  • The thermal insulation cancels noise and vibration
  • The sloped base drains water fast


  • The design of the sink doesn’t drain properly
  • The sinks finish scratches easily

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Ruvati RVM4136 Undermount

Ruvati undermount is a small-sized sink measuring 11” wide and 12” front to back. The sink is rust and stain resistant and has incorporated a heavy-duty sound guard padding and a noise-proof undercoating that provides much-needed thermal insulation while minimizing noise. The sink’s design features some gently curved edges and a slopped bottom that enable seamless water drainage.

The bottom of the sink features stainless steel rinse grids designed to protect the sink from scratches while acting as a drying rack for pans and pots. Unlike the other types of sinks in this article, the Ruvati undermount has incorporated a basket strainer drainer that you can use to trap food waste and easily empty it into the bin.


  • The sink has a nice and easy to clean finish
  • Incorporates a sturdy mesh rack for rinsing
  • The depth capacity is decent
  • The sink quality is superior


  • The sink dents
  • The Ruvati sink is small for some users

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Friho 33″x 22″ Inch 18 Gauge Topmount

Friho stainless steel top mount sink features a premium grade thick stainless steel construction that is not only durable but resistant to scratch. The sink has also been equipped with extra-thick rubber dampening pads that come complete with a stone guard undercoat for noise reduction.

The unit has also incorporated other effective complementary accessories such as the dish grid, a cutting board, and a basket strainer. The brushed anti-corrosion finish has enhanced durability, and the sink features a handmade flume design that enables water to drain out easily. The stainless steel construction is long-lasting and dent-resistant.


  • The sinkhole fits the standard-sized faucet and soap pump
  • The anti-corrosion finish enhances the durability of the sink
  • Installation of the sink is easy
  • The sink retails at a fair price


  • The sink scratches
  • Leaves water stains behind

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33 Farmhouse Sink Double Stainless

The 33 Farmhouse sink is made of a double 1.5mm thick stainless steel material resistant to dent and durable. 33 Farmhouse has also lined the underside with heavy paint undercoating and 3mm thick rubber pads. Those are sound absorbing and helps prevent condensation. So, the kitchen sink absorbs the sound made by clanking spoons, cups, and other utensils.

Around the drainage, the sink is characteristic of an X guideline that guides water from the four corners of the sink to the water hole. The bottom hole also has a slope design that ensures water is drained out of the sink completely. The stainless steel drain basket measures 3.5 inches and has incorporated a strainer that allows water to flow down fast but holds on to the dirt.

The sink has also incorporated some functional accessories, such as the stainless steel grate, that protects the sink from scratches while also acting as a drying rack. The sink also comes with a rolling rack that can be used to hold dishes and pots, and there is also a chopping board made of mahogany and a stainless steel colander used for washing and drying vegetables and fruits.


  • Equipped with a heavy-duty sound guard
  • The sink is made of thick stainless steel material
  • Features a drain strainer and a basket
  • The X water guideline completely drains water out of the sink


  • The sink rusts in some areas

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Factors to consider when getting a stainless steel sink

  • Check the alloys used in their manufacture – For your sink to remain completely stainless, you must check its manufacture and ensure that it incorporated at least 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The above will ensure that the sink resists stain and corrosion. Or better yet, ensure that it is a 300 series by doing the magnet test. If it holds on to the magnet, then you know it’s not a 300 series.
  • Check the gauge – Ideally, you will want a drop-in that can take the abuse of your cast iron pot without denting. A high gauge sink cannot support heavy weights, let alone the faucet such as the 22 gauge, but an 18 gauge should do just fine.
  • Ensure that the sink is deep enough – If your countertop has no space, you will want to use your sink. You should, therefore, get a 9 or 10-inch sink because they can hold a lot and don’t splash much.


Why do kitchen sinks have two bowls?

People usually use the two bowls in kitchen sinks for washing and rinsing utensils; one bowl is for soapy water, and the other holds rinsing water.

Between granite and stainless steel sink, which one is better?

The stainless steel sink is the better option because it can withstand high temperatures and are less prone to stains.


Many brands of sinks purport to be made of high-quality stainless steel material. Yet, they have low percentages of chromium and nickel, which makes them susceptible to denting and rusting. While a brand might claim to be stainless, you should always check to ensure that the sink will retain its structural integrity and sheen over time. The best stainless steel sinks have a lustrous satin finish and will become glossy over time compared to the matte finish stainless sink.

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