Best Plunger for Kohler Toilet as of 2022

Toilet plungers operate under one fundamental concept, which is pushing pressure back and forth. You would think that toilets have been left behind in the wave of innovation across every industry. Instead, retailers are introducing innovative outlet designs every year. Likewise, plunger brands are actively coming up with new designs to claim their place as the best plunger for a Kohler toilet. 

The initial toilet outlet had a classic round design, but currently, we have the new keyhole design that requires a differently designed plunger that can match the outlet. The standard plungers work well with the classic round toilet, but if you want to de-clog your Kohler toilet, you will have to invest in the newly designed plungers that can fit the keyhole and exert enough pressure de-clog the toilet.

Investing in the best plunger for Kohler toilet does not mean that the plunger will always work. You usually use this plunger for simple situations, but it will not work if the problem is complex. As such, you will have to contract the services of a plumber. In the meantime, below are some of the best plungers for Kohler toilets.

Best Plunger for Kholer Toilet- Comparison Table

Best Plunger for Kohler Toilet Plunger TypeCheck on Amazon
Simplehuman Toilet PlungerFlangedCheck Price Here
Korky 95-4A Beehive Max Universal Toilet PlungerBeehiveCheck Price Here
Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle DesignTieredCheck Price Here
Kleen Freak 3001600 Antibacterial toilet plungerFlangedCheck Price Here
Libman 0598004 Premium Toilet PlungerFlangedCheck Price Here
JS Jackson Supplies Professional BellowsTieredCheck Price Here
Luigi’s Toilet Plunger with CaddyTieredCheck Price Here

Best Plunger for Kohler Toilet

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy, Stainless Steel, White

The Simplehuman plunger is one of the best plungers for your toilet because of its various features.

The Simplehuman plunger has a flanged design that can be tucked easily into Kohler’s keyhole outlet. The nice tight fit is perfect for exerting the pressure needed to de-clog the toilet. Simplehuman designed the plunger’s flange to have a long and narrow profile. This design allows the plunger to be compatible with keyhole-designed toilets.  Additionally, the plunger utilizes high-quality stainless steel rode as its handle to withstand vigorous use. This “superhuman” plunger also comes with a large opening cover.

The design of the plunger’s cover makes it easy to attach and even better because it has incorporated a unique magnetic collar design that will secure the stainless steel rod to the cover. You can then easily lift it and put it in its proper position. The magnetic plunger attaches and detaches easily from the cover, and you can always carry it together with the cover to avoid drips.


  • The plunger is equipped with a durable stainless steel rod
  • The plunger attaches and detaches easily on the cover
  • The magnetic detail retains the plunger on the cover
  • The flanged design fits the Kohler toilet, thus effective


  • The plunger did not fit them well
  • Plunger splashes water

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Korky 95-4A Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

The Geehive plunger is best for Kohler toilets because of its easy-to-grip handle.

Korky 95-4A is a uniquely designed plunger that fits both the new and old high-efficiency toilets. The plunger is characteristic of a T-handle design that makes handling and working the plunger a breeze. Korky also utilizes non-marking rubber to make the plunger cup. So, your toilet outlet will remain clean even after de-clogging.

The Korky plunger’s beehive design makes it highly efficient, but you will have to angle it into the toilet bowl to make it work. Make sure to fill the head with water first before sealing the plunger head in the outlet. Pulse it up and down gently for a few minutes, and then pull it out. If your toilet did not unclog, you could repeat the process. If the problem persists, you should get a plumber because there might be a severe underlying issue.

Korky comes with a plunger holder for easy storage and drip-free carry.


  • The plunger is made with non-marking rubber
  • The T-handle enables optimum grip and effective plunging
  • The unique beehive shape of the cup seals better
  • Can be used on all types of toilets


  • The beehive cup does not rebound easily
  • The rubber is too flexible thus collapses easily

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Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

Neiko 60166A does not come with a holder cup but has incorporated a peg on its handle that you can use to hang the plunger. The plunger’s tiered suction cup fits almost all types of drain openings and has four differently sized graduated openings that enable a custom fit on differently sized outlets. The incorporated aluminum handle is sturdy, light in weight, and enables easy cleaning.

During use, the super pliable rubber cup will create a tight seal around the drain opening. As you initiate the pluses, the tiered section will enable a sturdy grip pushing all the unsanitary water away from the plunger. The tiered section also minimizes the chances of the plungers flipping up and splattering your toilet with unsanitary water.


  • The Incorporated aluminum handle does not soak in water
  • The unique suction cup fits different drains
  • Has incorporated a peg for easy storage
  • It is light in weight, durable, and easy to clean


  • The plunger is not convenient for elongated toilet bowls
  • Too much pressure will bend the aluminum rod

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Kleen Freak 3001600 Antibacterial Germ Guard

Kleen Freak has the same design as the Simplehuman toilet plunger, but it has one feature that makes it stand out the Antibacterial Germ Guard feature. The latter provides a defense against mildew, mold, and odor-causing bacteria.

The design of the plunger prevents toilet water from collecting inside it, and you can use it on both standard and modern toilets. Kleen freak has incorporated a heavy-duty rubber cup and a few tiered edges that help prevent water from splashing out. The flange design tightly fits the toilet outlet and will unclog stubborn blockades effortlessly.


  • Made with a high-grade cup and tiered edges
  • Comes with a drip tray
  • Effective for standard and high-efficiency toilets
  • Resists bacteria, mold, and mildew


  • The plunger is not powerful
  • The Rubber folds when exposed to pressure

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Libman 0598004 Premium Toilet Plunger

Libman premium toilet plunger is made of a thermoplastic rubber cup and has an extending design with a tight seal that prevents water from splashing back on you. The handle is made of a durable steel material that can withstand pulsing pressure. In addition, the plunger is designed to have an oversized grip for comfortable and easy handling. The oversized grip has incorporated an optional peg that you can use instead of the caddy.

For storage purposes, Libman 0598004 comes with a ventilated caddy, ergonomically shaped to take the shape of the plunger during storage. The design of the Libman plunger can work with the Kohlers keyhole toilet as the extending rubber flange will fit in the outlet, and the seal will conveniently block the walls of the outlet. The up and down pressure exerted by the user will ensure that your toilet is de-clogged and the unsanitary water washed away.


  • The plunger comes with a ventilated storage caddy
  • The thermoplastic rubber can handle the toughest jobs
  • The steel handle does not encourage bacteria growth
  • The oversized grip with peg allows for optional storage


  • The steel handle rusts
  • The rubber is too rigid

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JS Jackson Supplies Professional Bellows

JS Jackson plunger has taken into account what most plunger users fear the most and designed its plunger to minimize the risk of a splashback. The extended plunger design makes it functional on both modern and traditional toilets, and the tiered feature works on all types of clogs. You should use the JS Jackson plunger because it unclogs stubborn blockages and obstacles very effectively. This is a result of its unique design, which provides more power compared to traditional plungers.

The plunger is highly versatile, so you can get one for your kitchen and drains and another for your toilet. The working mechanism of the JS Jackson plunger involves using the water in your toilet for plunging. Thus, users can expect the plunger to provide maximum plunging power without exerting too much effort. The handle of the plunger is covered with rubber, which minimizes the chances of bacterial build-up.


  • The ridges at the handle enable a stable grip
  • The plunger is multi-functional
  • Comes in a variety of colors; thus, you can get one for every room
  • The plunger is easy to use, requires minimal effort


  • Cleaning the plunger is not easy
  • Not good for the standard toilet

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Luigi’s Toilet Plunger with Caddy

Luigi’s toilet plunger is uniquely designed with sturdy handles that allow for a tight, comfortable grip. The handle is long and will keep your hands away from the unsanitary water. The design of the plunger utilizes a working mechanism to draw water on the pull and powerfully releases it on the release. As a result, the plunger blasts away any deep blockages with ease.

Luigi’s toilet plunger moves up to 1.5 liters of water per plunge and offers up to 8X more force, conveniently pushing water. Also, you can use it for different types of toilets. Once you have finished with the plunger, add a cleaner in the toilet and plunge the clean water. The powerful suction will clean every bit of residue from your plunger and toilet. You can then remove the handle from the plunger for easy storage.


  • Heavy-Duty, double thrust plunger
  • The graduated design fits most keyhole toilets
  • Up to 1.5 liters of water moved per plunge
  • Can be cleaned without touching


  • The plunger is inflexible
  • The seal from the plunger is not as tight

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Tips for getting the best plunger for Kohler Toilet

Made with flexible rubber – Most plungers in the market are made with rigid plastic material. Remember that the rubber has to be flexible so that the pulse action can be effective. Your plunger would not be able to work without these two factors.

Rod Material – Traditional plungers were made with a wooden rod that soaked the unsanitary water and encouraged bacteria, mold, and mildew. So, the best rod material would be stainless steel and has the right percentages of chromium and nickel to minimize the chances of rusting.

Storage caddy – No matter how clean your plunger is, you don’t want that water dripping in any area of your home, and that is why you need to get one with a caddy that can drain water from the bottom and have some space for your plunger to aerate. A closed-up caddy is not a sanitary option, as you need the plunger to remain dry while in storage.

Handle design – Apart from having a long handle to protect your hands from unsanitary water, the handle should also enable a comfortable grip. Most plungers have a detailed handle meant to enhance a comfortable and tight grip.

Cup design – This is the most important part of your plunger. Your plunger’s cup should complement the outlet in your toilet. This is so because you don’t want the dirty water splashing back on you but rather exert pressure to the opposite side and de-clog your toilet. We currently have three types of cups, a tiered cup, flanged, and beehive; thus, you must choose one that you are sure will tightly fit your keyhole toilet.


Which is the absolute best plunger to use with a Kohler toilet?

The best-recommended plunger for Kohler toilet is the beehive-designed plunger because it sufficiently covers the keyhole thus requires minimal effort for the toilet to be de-clogged.

Can I clean my plunger in the Kohler toilet?

You can clean flush your plunger in the Kohler toilet using some antiseptic liquid soap or chlorine bleach.


Kohler toilet has a keyhole outlet, which means that you cannot use a traditional plunger to de-clog it. The plungers reviewed above are highly effective. All of them have adopted a design that allows them to fit in the keyhole outlet. And provide a seal that will enable a forward action, thus minimizing the chances of water splashing back on the user. Some plungers come with a caddy and have also incorporated a peg on the handle. Some only have the caddy, meaning that you should thoroughly clean and leave the plunger to dry before storing it.

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