Best Handheld Shower Heads 2022

Compared to fixed shower heads, handheld shower heads are more versatile. By opting for handheld instead of fixed showerheads, you can meet different everyday applications. For example, you could use the pulse setting to massage sore muscles or use the powerful rinse setting to rinse your hair.

Most homeowners struggle to find a reliable brand of handheld shower heads. This is because the market is saturated with units that have been constructed with substandard plastic material. High shower pressure is also a concern, while some shower heads tend to be warped, which causes them to leak after installation.

It is difficult to find a reliable shower head. Well, no retailer will want to break all the blister packs for you to inspect the handheld showerheads! Thankfully for you, we ventured into the market and have consolidated a huge list of reliable handheld showerheads, complete with their pros cons. The list comprises the best handheld shower heads from trusted brands.

Best Handheld Shower Heads – Comparison Table

Best Handheld Shower Heads Material used Check on Amazon
Chrider Handheld Shower Head with HoseElectro-polished Stainless Steel, chrome plated premium ABS and BrassCheck Price Here
Amazon Basics AB-BF610-PC Hand Shower SetStainless steel and durable plasticCheck Price Here
DELTA FAUCET 58680-PN25 HydroRain H2OkineticStainless steel and durable plasticCheck Price Here
Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse MassageDurable plastic materialCheck Price Here
Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-PressureStainless steel hose, Chrome plated premium ABSCheck Price Here
High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower SprayStainless steel hose, Chrom plated premium ABSCheck Price Here
AquaHomeGroup Handheld Shower HeadAluminum & ABS plasticCheck Price Here
DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld ComboStainless steel hose, Chrome plated premium ABSCheck Price Here
Moen 23046BRB Banbury 5-Spray Hand ShowerBronzeCheck Price Here
AquaDance High-Pressure Chrome Face Handheld ShowerStainless hose and chrome plated premium ABSCheck Price Here
Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld ShowerStainless steel stretch hoseCheck Price Here
Dream Spa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color ChangingStainless steel hose, chrome-plated premium ABSCheck Price Here
KES Bathroom Handheld Shower Head with Extra Long HoseStainless steelCheck Price Here

Review of the Best Handheld Shower Heads

Chrider Handheld Shower Head

Chrider handheld shower head is a DIY unit and doesn’t require any tools; neither will you have to spend money on a professional to get the shower head fixed. Most homeowners are concerned with the quality of the handheld showerheads, with a good number frowning upon the plastic handheld showerhead.

Chrider handheld shower head is made from the high-quality premium chrome-plated ABS, a tough plastic material that makes the unit sturdy and durable. The showerhead is electroplated, and the stainless steel hose has been electropolished to improve its appearance and minimize the chances of rusting and fading.

Installing the handheld showerhead takes less than 10 minutes, and all you have to do is hand-tighten the connection. The Chrider handheld showerhead affords users a luxurious shower time as they get to alternate between 7 different functions. They can, therefore, switch from the power massage function, the power rainfall, the economy rainfall setting, the oxygenic Waterflow to the waterfall mist.

Water from the handheld shower has been set to flow at high pressure and effortlessly, offering up to 2.5GPM waterfall control that also saves on water cost. The structure of the Chrider handheld shower has also incorporated a durable plastic angle adjustable holder that has been made complete with a swivel brass ball joint designed to control the flow direction.


  • Installation doesn’t require the use of tools
  • Offers up to 2.5GPM water flow
  • Incorporated up to 60 inches stainless steel hose
  • The soft water flow mode is good for kids


  • Leaks under high water pressure
  • The showerhead is a bit heavy for its holder

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Amazon Basics AB-BF610-PC Hand Shower Set

Amazon basics handheld shower set has incorporated up to 4 different components, a durable stainless steel shower hose, an overhead bracket, a handheld shower, and washers. The manufacturers used durable stainless steel and some bits of plastic to make this showerhead. As such, the unit sports an attractive polished chrome color. The handheld showerhead is versatile and can afford users up to three distinct spray function settings, has an easy-to-clean nozzle, and offers an economical 2.5 gallons per minute.


  • Made with durable stainless steel material
  • Offers 3 different spray function settings
  • The nozzle is pretty easy to clean
  • Offers an economical 2.5 gallons per minute


  • Has problems fitting in the holder
  • The flow rate is low

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DELTA FAUCET 58680-PN25 HydroRain H2Okinetic

Delta faucet is a two in one shower system, giving you the benefit of two shower systems at one price. The high-performance shower system offers 5 powerful spray settings, including the massaging spray, the shampoo rinsing spray, and a pause feature. The shower pack has incorporated a durable stainless steel hose that can conveniently stretch from 60 to 82 inches long.

Among the spray settings is the unique Delta H20 kinetic power drench spray that offers 3X more coverage when compared to a standard showerhead. The unit is inclusive of a wall-mounted showerhead that pivots at 40 degrees to offer a broadened coverage. The handheld shower also features the Magna Tite docking option that enables secure docking of the handheld showerhead.

The installation process takes a short time, and all you will need for the process is a standard plumbers tape.


  • Equipped with a durable stainless steel hose
  • Offers up to 5 powerful distinct spray settings
  • Installation only takes minutes
  • Comes with two shower heads


  • Leaks with time
  • Only professionals can install it

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Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage

If you are looking for a functional, budget-friendly handheld showerhead, look no more. The Waterpik High-pressure power pulse massage is a simple shower head but quite functional. Additionally, the unit has incorporated up to 7 spray settings that will meet all your needs. You can choose from various options like the popular power pulse massage spray, the eco spray, and the water-saving trickle, among others.

The showerhead has been designed to deliver up to 2x the massage force, and it also creates maximum pulsation force for a great shower massage that will promote deep massage and more relaxation. Waterpik Powerpulse handheld shower head is pretty simple to install, and with varied spray settings, you can use it for bathing your pets or children.


  • The showerhead retails at a fair price
  • Installs easily
  • Offers up to 7 spray settings
  • You can use it to bath pets and kids


  • The shower hose is only 5 foot long
  • The hose is stiff and does not hang properly

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Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure

The Antimicrobial high-pressure rainfall shower is a unique 3-way water diverter that will allow you to enjoy two luxury showers or use them individually. The showerheads work almost the same, only that the handheld showerhead offers a more personalized cleaning. Each of them offers 6 shower settings, complete with an ON/OFF and the pause button.

Installation is a simple DIY process, and the only tool you will need is a plumbers tape. The showerheads have been equipped with the micro ban technology configured to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew inside the showerhead and in the area around the nozzles. What’s more is that the invisible micro ban protection also helps degrade the showerheads over time, consequently extending its life.


  • The showerheads are angle adjustable
  • Offers 6 setting luxury showers
  • Simple installation using the plumber’s tape
  • Equipped with a 7” and a 4” versatile shower face


  • The handheld showerhead does not stay secure
  • Water flow is quite slow

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High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray

The high-pressure handheld shower head comes equipped with 3 distinct settings, a pulse massage, a powerful shooting option, and mixed shower spray. The handheld showerhead is made with the durable chrome-plated premium ABS, complete with a stainless steel hose. And the best feature of this budget-friendly shower head is that the powerful spray shooting instantly increases the showering pressure if you are using a low-pressure water pipe.

The incorporated greatly softened rubber jet nozzle discourages the build-up of minerals. To ensure stability once fitted, the unit utilizes solid brass connection fittings that can neither split nor crack. Among the incorporated accessories is the water flow regulator, a feature that makes the handheld showerhead versatile, as you get to either increase the pressure of the water or reduce it to suit the application, whether washing a child or cleaning a pet.


  • Comes with an extra water hose gasket
  • Offers a pulse massage and powerful shooting
  • The rubber jet nozzles discourage minerals build-up
  • The shower pressure is pretty intense


  • The shower hose rusts with time
  • The handheld showerhead is loud

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AquaHomeGroup Handheld Shower Head

For a slight premium price, you could be treating your skins, nails, and hair by just showering. The Aquahome group handheld showerhead provides all the above benefits. The unit features a 15 stage maximum filtration system that has been infused with vitamins C and E.

The handheld showerhead sports a metal brass holder designed to secure the showerhead firmly, and the incorporated filtration system will remove chlorine and fluoride, among other metals and sediments, from your water. The installation process will not have you spend money on a professional because it is a simple DIY process.

The handheld showerhead is safe for use by both kids and pets. During use, you can expect the pressure to be consistent, and which minimizes scale buildup. The showerhead also softens water; thus, you won’t need to do a lot of bathtub cleaning.


  • Made with durable aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Helps with hair loss and skin issues
  • Softens hard water
  • Good water pressure rinses hair fast


  • Interior components of the showerhead rust
  • The install manual is not clear

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DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo

You get two shower heads for this unit, both quite modern and with a huge water capacity. The 9” offers shoulder-to-shoulder water coverage. It is angle adjustable and has incorporated a solid brass joint nut that offers a reliable leak-free connection. The handheld showerhead, on the other hand, comes equipped with push-button flow control.

It serves two purposes and can, therefore, be used as a handheld or an overhead shower. And for a wide water coverage, you get to utilize the 4.75” face. The rub-clean jets enable easy cleaning of mineral build-up, and the premium all chrome finish ensures that it maintains its aesthetics with consistent use. The hand shower wall bracket is angle adjustable, and you can, therefore, position it as you wish.

The stainless steel hose is super flexible and has incorporated solid brass conical nuts that enable easy hand tightening and a reliable leak-free connection. The unit installs easily and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The showerhead is large
  • Installation is tool-free
  • You can position this handheld shower anywhere
  • Has an attractive modern look


  • Both heads do not work at the same time
  • Has a short lifetime

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Moen 23046BRB Banbury 5-Spray Hand Shower

The Moen Banbury handheld showerhead can really enhance your overall bathroom, given its unique finish and color. So, if you feel like breaking away from the usual silver showerheads, then this is it. The bronzes hand showerhead has a very simple design and is best used for massage, the unit also features self-cleaning nozzles, and you can expect years of service.

The hand shower offers only 5 functions in a 4” showerhead. Users will therefore get to enjoy energizing massages and a wide spray. The finish of the handheld showerhead is durable and can effectively resist corrosion. Moen Banbury is an environmentally conscious unit configured to promote water efficiency and enhance performance.


  • The durable finish resists corrosion
  • The installation process is easy via hand tightening
  • Features a unique Mediterranean bronze color
  • Offers up to 5 spray functions


  • The hose is made of a plastic material
  • Does not have a water shut off switch

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AquaDance High-Pressure Chrome Face Handheld Shower

The Aqua dance high-pressure handheld showerhead is a budget-friendly option, and it is highly functional but with minimized features. You will get 2 shower settings, a massage spray setting, the pause function, and the rain option for this unit. The showerhead can assume two positions, so you can either use it as a handheld showerhead or an overhead. You have been provided with an ergonomic grip handle and a durable and flexible 5ft stainless steel hose for ease of use.

The overhead bracket is angle adjustable. Thus, you can point the showered head in your most preferred direction and enjoy a hands-free operation. The unit fits any standard shower arm, and the installation process does not require any tools nor a professional.


  • The showerhead is angle adjustable
  • The durable stainless steel hose is 5ft long
  • Installation is tool-free
  • The hose is made of a durable stainless steel material


  • The hose is not durable
  • The pressure is low on the showerhead

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Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld Shower

Fire hydrant goes for a premium price and is a low water pressure shower head with multiple settings. The unit has been specially designed for low flow and comes equipped with a 78” stainless steel stretch hose. It is a low-pressure unit that is best suited for kid’s showers or washing pets.

Some of the rain shower settings that you stand to enjoy are such as rain and massage. The shower can be dislodged and used as a hand massage or left intact and used as an overhead shower unit.


  • The hose is made of durable stainless material
  • Can be used as an overhead or a handheld shower
  • Has multiple shower settings
  • Can be used by all levels of water pressure


  • Made with plastic material
  • It is a low-pressure shower

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Dream Spa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing

Dream Spa uniquely designed this unit with a water temperature color indicator by equipping it on the showerhead. Moreover, the LED color changes are powered by water rather than batteries. The red color indicates that the water is hot 109-122F, green indicates that the water is warm 95-108F, while blue indicates that the water is cool 95F. So, if you see the showerhead flashing red, that is a warning that the water is too hot for comfort.

A large 4″ chrome head with beveled rims further enhances this showerhead’s aesthetics and coverage. What’s more, you can convert this handheld showerhead into an overhead showerhead. The Dream Spa All Chrome Handheld Shower is angle adjustable. In other words, you can enjoy your shower from any part of your bathroom. The stainless steel hose is flexible and equipped with dual conical brass nuts for easy hand tightening.


  • Has been sturdily built thus does not leak
  • The color changes work perfectly
  • Great shower head for the long term
  • The shower installs easily


  • The shower is loud
  • The handheld shower has no pulsating action

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KES Bathroom Handheld Shower Head with Extra Long Hose

The round-shaped KES handheld showerhead features a brushed steel and nickel finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and scratching. The sleek and narrow-body construction of the showerhead enables it to offer higher performance while resisting heat and pressure. Additionally, KES showerheads have minimized the chances of their shower units leaking.

KES shower has incorporated a thick rubber inner tubing that can extend from 1.5 to 1.9 meters. Users can shower from any end of their bathrooms, thanks to the adjustable shower bracket. Also, all you need is Teflon tape to install this showerhead.


  • The shower spray has high pressure
  • Is Easy to install
  • The showerhead is simple but sturdily built
  • Easy to handle


  • Slants when installed on the holder
  • Produces loud noises

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Factors to consider when choosing a handheld showerhead

Water-saving – Handheld showerheads regulate water both in high and low water conditions. Manufacturers usually make the showerheads aerated and then boosted so that they seem like they are dispensing more water.

Spray patterns – Handheld showerheads have different spray patterns for different applications, so that you might want one with more or fewer spray patterns depending on your needs. It is, therefore, advisable to choose one with more spray settings. For example, one handheld showerhead could offer the massage spray pattern, jet, rain, or pulse spray setting. You can control all the above features with the on/off button or the pause knob.

Build – Most people prefer stainless steel showerheads as compared to plastic showerheads. Understandably, stainless steel should be more durable than plastic, right? However, the chrome-plated premium ABS plastic is strong and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion. It a non-toxic type of plastic made perfect for the showerhead.


Is it okay to spend more on a handheld showerhead?

Yes, it is beneficial to spend more on a handheld showerhead because you will save more water, and the showerhead will give you a long service.

Which brand has the most powerful handheld showerheads?

Brands that produce reliable handheld showerheads are such as Delta Faucet, Kohler, and Moen.


A good handheld shower head should come equipped with the right setting that will fulfill your needs. For example, if you plan on using it on your kids and pets, it should have low water pressure settings. Also, if you wish to use it for massage, it should be adjustable to offer the pulse setting. Handheld showerheads are comfortable and flexible, so why not make your bathroom luxurious with one of the above-discussed showerheads.

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