img 60a7c18317e36Jason Beischel became a member of Home Empower in 2009, a non-profitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of information provided to homeowners. And over the past 10 years, he has been working with homeowners in renovating their homes and making improvements that are in line with the law. In 2019 Jason Besichel joined Humber College under the Home Renovations and technician program, to study the modern facets of home improvements, and gained practical knowledge through hands-on experience.

He later participated in the Grand Designs home renovation show available on Channel 4, and All Four. And has also bagged the Renewable Supplier Award under the Homebuilding and Renovating Industry Awards; he is currently a contestant in the new category “Smart Home Supplier of the Year.” Jason offers online home repair and remodeling training to individuals who wish to learn basic home repairs, among other home projects.

Home revamp revolves around restoration work such as repainting the walls, improving outdated features and replacing various fixtures and hardware. At HomeRevamp, we are dedicated to providing you with the most current information regarding the home restoration tools and the best products to use in the process.

Important to note is that some of the home revamp projects are better handled by professionals. But activities such as painting, switching out the cabinet knobs, or fixing the bird’s swing can be done by the homeowners, and we are here to walk with you as you restore and upgrade your humble aboard. We have, therefore, consolidated well-researched and comprehensive articles on the various home revamp projects that are sure to deliver a professional finish.

Home renovations are costly, but with the professional tools now available for use by the non-professionals, homeowners stand to cut the cost of hiring the renovations experts by almost half. Besides, investing in some of the home’s revamp tools ensures that your home retains its cosmetic appeal as you can easily and professionally fix minor issues, such as replacing mirrors, applying a fresh coat of paint to your patio, or upgrading your kitchen backsplash.

Important to note is that a Home revamp doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and get costly tools and paints. There are other simple things that you can do to improve your home’s overall look. For example, you could de-clutter and organize your living room, bedroom and kitchen, remove things you don’t use, and take them out to a yard sale or donate. You could also add some greenery or update frames and wall hangings.