5 Best Epoxy Grout for Tiles (Buying Guide 2022)

For those who are unfamiliar, epoxy grout is the better (and more expensive) alternative to cementitious grout. They last longer, are more resistant to stains, and won’t corrode when exposed to light chemicals found in shampoos. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be confusing as to which epoxy grout is the best for residential use. 

If you’ve struggled with choosing the best epoxy grout for your tiles, look no further. In this article, we compile 5 epoxy grout brands that are perfect for any DIY tiling project. 

General tips about epoxy grout


Epoxy grout generally dries in less than an hour. If possible, enlist the help of someone to clean after you immediately after grouting. You don’t want to leave grout on tiles for too long because it can cause grout haze which is difficult to remove. Test the product in a small area as practice and also to determine results before continuing with the project. 

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You don’t need to seal epoxy grout because of its durability. However, you should seal natural stone tiles before grouting to prevent grout haze. Also, while epoxy grout is more durable than cementitious grouts, you should still clean them regularly with grout cleaners or a vinegar cleaning solution.

Planning the project

How much project area can one unit of epoxy grout cover depends on the specific brand. To do so, you can either measure the amount of grout required manually or use the provided grout calculator on the brand’s website.

The difference with cementitious grout

Epoxy grout is more durable than cementitious grout, but not all epoxy grout is built the same. Some are more suitable for exposure to direct sunlight while others are more suitable for areas with extreme chemical splashes. Of course, better products come at a higher cost. The products listed below are good enough for residential applications for a reasonable price point.

5 Best epoxy grout for tiles

1. Laticrete’s Spectralock Pro Grout

The LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK Pro Grout is a great choice of epoxy grout for tiles.
Credit: Laticrete
➕ Uniform color ➖ Not suitable for commercial or industrial kitchen-use
➕ Microban® antimicrobial technology➖ Expensive
➕ Suitable for grout joints from 1/16-1/2"➖ Colors may fade under direct sunlight exposure

One of the most trusted brands in the industry

LATICRETE began from humble beginnings 65 years ago and has become a worldwide brand with distributors in more than 100 countries. LATICRETE is now one of the most providers of construction chemicals solutions in the residential, commercial, and industrial areas. With their impressive track record, their products are the perfect choice for professionals, DIYers, and construction greenhorns. 

Reliable performance

The LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout has a short working time of 80 minutes at 70°F (21°C). Aside from the other durable properties that come with epoxy routs, the SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout is also equipped with LATICRETE’s patented Microban anti-microbial protection

The SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout also has impressive color uniformity in indoor applications. Moreover, it has excellent stain-resistant qualities provided that you clean the grout regularly. The SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout achieves maximum hardness after 14 days and maximum stain resistance after 7 days 70°F (21°C). In this short period of time, be sure to keep the room clear of dust, debris, or other contaminants before enjoying a lifetime of peace of mind. 

A broad range of color and size choices

The LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout is available in over 40 colors suitable for floors and walls in both interior and exterior applications. You can use it for re-grouting existing tiles or install the new grout in wet areas and natural stone tiles. However, you should seal natural stone tiles before applying epoxy grout to prevent grout haze. Moreover, you should test SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout on small sections in case of scratches, especially for soft polished marble or glass tiles. 

It comes with a coverage calculator

The LATICRETE website provides users with a coverage calculator for all of their products. It provides you the right product and how many units to buy based on your project area, tile thickness, tile size, and joint size. 

Where to buy

You can buy SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout from one of its many distributors located in 100 countries. Unfortunately, LATICRETE does not sell SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other retailers. You can locate the LATICRETE distributor near you via their official website

2. Mapei’s Kerapoxy line

Mapei's Kerapoxy line of epoxy grout is also an excellent choice for tiling.
Credit: Mapei
➕ Suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications➖ Expensive
➕ Ready in only 3 days➖ Not suitable for terracotta tiles
➕ Suitable for joints sized <3mm (Kerapoxy Design) and >3mm (Kerapoxy CQ)➖ Must use within 45 minutes of mixing

Construction industry forerunner

Mapei is one of the largest construction chemicals solutions providers in the world. The Italian-based company was founded in 1937 and now has projects worldwide in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Mapei is one of, if not the most trusted brand for construction chemical solutions as evident when they were trusted to build Olympic stadiums and national landmarks. 

Long-lasting durability

Mapei’s Kerapoxy CQ and Kerapoxy Design epoxy grouts have slightly different applications. Nonetheless, both products boast excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Moreover, the Kerapoxy CQ offers better performance with its resistance to high foot traffic, easier workability, and less waste for a wider grout coverage. 

Both epoxy grouts are easy to clean and non-absorbent, thus preventing the growth of mildew, bacteria, and other unwanted microbes. 

Wide range of applications

Mapei’s Kerapoxy family of epoxy grout is available in more than 20 colors to match any wall color. The Kerapoxy CQ epoxy grout is suitable for joints larger than 3mm, whereas you should use the Kerapoxy Design epoxy grout for joints smaller than 3mm. 

The Kerapoxy CQ is ideal for bathroom tiles — ceramic, mosaics, and the like (except for terracotta). On the other hand, the Kerapoxy Design is more suitable for glass mosaics thanks to its glittery and semi-translucent finish. 

Mapei coverage calculator

Mapei also provides a coverage calculator for their grouts and sealants. After selecting the desired product, project area, and tile measurements, the calculator will tell you how many units you need for the grouting project. 

Ready for use in only 3 days

The Mapei Kerapoxy epoxy grouts have a shorter curing time of 72 hours, allowing for a more flexible tiling project. You should apply the Kerapoxy epoxy grouts at a room temperature of between +12°C to +30°C. Like all grouts, keep the room clean from contaminants such as grease, dust, and oil for optimum grout performance. 

Where to buy

Mapei only sells its Kerapoxy family of epoxy grouts through distributors in 33 different countries. You may locate the nearest Mapei dealer near you on their main website. Mapei does not sell its Kerapoxy grouts on Amazon, but it does retail on Lowe’s.

3. Starlike EVO Epoxy Grout

Litokol Starlike EVO epoxy grout.
Credit: Litokol
➕ Suitable for joints 1mm (3/65”) to 15mm (19/32”) thick➖ Not suitable for terracotta tiles
➕ Suitable for most bathroom tiles➖ Not advisable to use bleach when cleaning
➕ Affordable➖ Certain colors have poor UV resistance and are suitable for exterior applications

Decent performance at an affordable price 

Unlike other retail brands, the Starlike EVO epoxy grout comes at a much more affordable price tag. Moreover, you can choose from 1kg, 2.5kg, or 5kg options to prevent wastage and get the most value out of your purchase. 

1-hour pot life

Starlike EVO epoxy grout has a pot life of 1 hour, meaning that you must use it within 1 hour of mixing. While it may be less time than cementitious grouts, it’s still more than other brands available in the market. This makes the Starlike EVO epoxy grout perfect for newbies who may not be familiar with installing epoxy grout. 

Can be applied almost anywhere

You are recommended to use the Starlike EVO epoxy grout on interior locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, and natural stone surfaces. If you bought too much and have leftover grout, you can also use the Starlike EVO epoxy grout as an adhesive for tiles or as a sealant for other joints. This grout is perfect for mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. 

Note that some colors are not suitable for outdoor applications due to their low resistance to UV rays. These colors are Spotlight, Shining Gold, Bronze, Copper, Rusty, Platinum, Gold, and Galaxy additives. 

Where to buy

You can purchase Starlike EVO epoxy grout on Amazon or through their online store

4. Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio

Kerokoll Fugalite Bio is an environmentally-friendly epoxy grout for tiles.
Credit: Kerokoll
➕ Resistant to UV rays➖ Limited color options
➕ Environmental-friendly➖ Can’t be used for joints larger than 5mm
➕ Suitable for joints 0-5 mm➖ 45 minutes working time (23°C environments)

GreenBuilding rating of 3

The Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio is the only epoxy grout on this list with a GreenBuilding rating of 3. To achieve it, this epoxy grout has extremely low VOC emissions, is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and solvent-free. This means that the product releases less ozone-depleting chemicals into the air and other air pollutants. 

Suitable for exterior applications

You can install the Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio epoxy grout outdoors due to its high resistance to UV rays. This means that the product will not discolor or fade easily, though you should still avoid installing under direct sunlight whenever possible. 

Moreover, the Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio is suitable for high foot traffic areas subject to thermal shock or freezing. For residential uses, you can install this epoxy grout in swimming pools, fountains, and thermal water baths. 

Dermatologically tested 

The Fugalite® Bio epoxy grout is dermatologically tested and proven for contact dermatitis. In all testings, the product showed that it is safer for professionals or in settings where rashes could be detrimental—for example, hospitals and labs. 

Certified durable epoxy grout

Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio epoxy grout achieved various industry standards of stain-resistance, water-resistance, and bacteria resistance. The product is suitable for damp environments or areas with high foot traffic both indoors and outdoors. 

Where to buy

You can purchase Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio from one of their selected distributors. Unfortunately, Kerakoll does not retail in Amazon, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. 

5. Sika’s Sikatile® Epoxy Grout (Commercial)

SikaTile epoxy grout.
Credit: Sika
➕ Trusted brand worldwide➖ Not available in retail
➕ Suitable for joints ⅛” to ⅜” (3.2mm to 10mm)➖ Only available in 12 colors
➕ Premium quality

100 years of experience in the industry

For the past century, Sika has established itself as the world’s no.1 provider of construction chemical solutions. The business currently operates in 70 countries and employs more than 12,000 staff. 

Excellent durability

The SikaTile®-825 Epoxy Grout is stain-resistant, has uniform color consistency, and has non-sag properties in joints. Its high-strength mortar is also impermeable and chemical and shock-resistant. 

Where to buy

Unfortunately, the SikaTile®-825 Epoxy Grout is only sold commercially and not in retail. Nonetheless, this product is worth mentioning on the list because it is one of the best epoxy grouts brands available. 


What areas should I use epoxy grout in?

Residential: Swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, fountains, and areas with high foot traffic

Commercial: Hospitals, laboratories, factories, and other areas that require chemical and corrosion resistance.

Where not to use epoxy grout?

Epoxy grout is more expensive than cementitious grout, so you should use the latter in these areas: living rooms, bedrooms, garage, and small patching repairs. However, you are recommended to opt for epoxy grout whenever your budget allows due to its long-term cost savings. 

Do I need to seal epoxy grout?

You do not need to seal epoxy grout because it is non-porous. While contaminants will not be able to penetrate epoxy grout, they can still pile on it. So, you should regularly clean epoxy grout to prevent dirt and stain build-up with a vinegar cleaning solution.

What do I need when installing epoxy grout?

You’ll need: Grout float, grout sponge, bucket of cool water, margin trowel, and plenty of elbow grease to prevent the grout from drying too early. 

My epoxy grout dried on the tiles. What do I do?

You can remove grout haze with a DIY grout haze cleaner or a product. For dried excess grout, you have to dampen it with a wet sponge and scrape it off with a wooden stick or with a product. 

How do I store epoxy grout?

You should store unopened and unmixed epoxy grout in cool, shaded areas. Never store them under direct sunlight. 

Key takeaways

There are thousands of brands in the market today that sell both epoxy and cementitious grout. Of them all, these 5 are some of the most trusted sellers of epoxy grout and also other construction chemical solutions. They are:

  • Laticrete Spectralock Pro Grout
  • Mapei’s Kerapoxy Epoxy Grout
  • Starlike EVO Epoxy Grout
  • Kerakoll Fugalite Bio
  • Sika’s Sikatile Epoxy Grout

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